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some friends and I are interesting in hiring a car to travel around California for 3 weeks.

Ideally we would like to hire some 2nd hand 1980's gansta looking car so we can p1mp round in it and live the american dream....can anyone suggest a place, preferrably in LA that rents this sort of stuff?

Alternatively, can anyone suggest some cheap standard car rental places?

Are there generally any special limitations on milage, age of drivers, etc in the states?

What do you guys pay for petrol in Cali?

What are some nice scenic drives that can be done?



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the only place I can even think of that might have a 1980's car to rent is called "ugly duckling" out in California. Good luck.

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Scenic Drive: Highway 1, from central California all the way down to San Diego

Gangsta pimpin' car: Good luck. Unless you work for a movie studio, it may be a stretch. You'll probably have to go the old fashioned route and rent something like a Toyota Camry. Sorry if it's not gangsta enough!

Petrol (gas in the US): Nearly $2.80/ gal. This is high for us gas guzzlers.

Normally, I believe you need to be 25 to rent a car, with a valid driver's license. Get insurance for sure.