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Hi All,
I am planning a RTW trip leaving in September and flying to Beijing as our first destination. I am then travelling overland to Hong Kong for my onward flight to SE Asia. I would like if anyone could give me some advice on the best places to travel in China on the way. I don't have a tight schedule to stick too so I pretty much can go where I want but don't want to divert too much off course. How long seems good to spend in China?
Also to get to these destinations, would a train or plane be better. I was thinking train as it looks cheaper and seems more of an experience?
Some of the places I have in mind to go to are Pingyao, Xi'an, Lijiang, Kungming, Guilin. Is this feasable? I want to get a taste of rural China as well as the city life plus I read that travelling along the coast and through Shanghai is a lot more expensive and I have a strict budget!!
One more question, which section of the Great Wall is the best to visit, I heard Simatai?
That's it, I promise!!
Thanks everyone, so excited about this trip and don't want to miss anything out!!

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Hi, It's up to how long you can spend for the trip. If you only have a week, you'd better to stay about Beijing. One day for the royal palace,Forbidden City and aroud, one day for the heaven temple and Liulichang Street, one day for Confucius temple and Yonghegong Tebet Budda Temple, one day for Summer Palace and aroud, one day for Great Wall (yes, Simatai is the best), and one day for Hutong to see the old Beijinger's lifesytle. one day for the royal cemetery of Min Danasty. The lsat day for flight to Hongkong.

If you have more days, you can go ShanXi province, which is 5 hours train from BJ, to see Pingyao Town and other several hundreds years old house group of tipcal Northcentral china style. Or go Xi'an. you can flight to HK from Taiyuan(the capital of Shanxi) or Xi'an.

If you have engough time and like to travel from BJ to HG by train. You may have choice to Taishan Mount. in Shangdong Prov. Lushan Mount. and Jinggangshan Mount in Jiangxi Prov. In this way, you can enjoy the countryside life of Northeast and Southeast area. The end of the train is Shengzheng, a mordenlized city nearby Hongkong.

Kuming, Lijiang is located in Southwest of China, belonged to Yunnan Province. The train from BJ to Kuming need 2 days. I don't have any good idea if you want go there without miss any other place.

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the great wall in beijing section are built in Ming Empire 500 hundreds years ago.which is well preserved and not reconstructed.
As you know, there are serveral parts of great wall in the Beijing suburbs and the features of them are different.Simatai is the most worth to visit among the whole for its construction style.The scenery in Mutianyu Great Wall is beautiful with its green coverd area and by the time of Autumn the many part of the area will turn red.Meantime traveler can enjoy the delicious farmer food in the restaurant beside the valley river.Badaling Great Wall and Juyongguan Pass will give you a full idea for the great significance of the great wall defense system. There are many way to get to the great wall, I suggest you join in our seat-in-coach one day tour group, which is a cheap and safy way.The fee is from 20USD to 30USD,the service include entrance fee,tour guide,air-conditioned coach and lunch.Which seaction you will go, it depends on your interested in.;)