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1. Posted by pikey (Budding Member 18 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Planning a trip to Barcelona with a few mates for my 18th this Easter, and I thought i'd ask on here for a few tips about accommodation, bars and so on. Found some really good tips here last summer about places to stay in Japan when I was travelling there so hopefully some of you can help me out again.

Firstly accommodation. Really looking for somewhere fairly cheap. Looking at about £20 to £25 a night - cheaper would be even better but its got to be reasonably nice. Is there any places people could reccommend? In the center of the city or at least near some good bars and clubs would be important. Since they'll be 7 of us, we may make a bit of noise, so I don't want to be anywhere too quiet, as we'll simply end up annoying the owners. But, somewhere nice and friendly would be ideal - I'd rather avoid being stuck with too many roudy english bums as well - i'm quite fussy I know. ;)

Hostels or hotels are both fine. I've thought of the idea of apartments - not sure whether they'd work for us. Is it easy to rent out apartments for a few nights, in the city center prefferably? Not sure if they'll be so readily available or if they'll be cheap, but its a thought.

And is there any good clubs or pubs you could reccommend? Don't know how strict they are there about age. Two of us will be 17, but I imagine it won't be too much of a problem unless they do ID everywhere.

That's about it. Any help would be much appreciated!

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when i went to barcelona in december last year i stayed at Barcelona Mar, a really nice youth hostel centrally located. i think it was about 20euros a night. i loved it. you can book from

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Well, there are some cheap hostels around the city centre, but renting an appartment right in the middle sounds like a bit out of the question. I don't think you'll find anything...and if you do, it will be very, very expensive.

There are mainly british bars around the Ramblas and the Old Town, and Barcelona has plenty of tourists all year long, so you won't probably make it away from them. I don't usually go to Barcelona clubs, I visit a town called Sabadell, it has a place called "Zona Hermetica" and it's basically a bunch of good clubs.

The ID is a must though. You will definitely be asked and you'll need to show them

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Hi Pikey,

In relation to ID, a few factors will obviously play a part; were you go, and how young you look? I have been in barcelona twice in the past year, and I reckon the best place for you would be down by the olympic port. It is at the cristopher columbus end of the ramblas, just beside the two big towers (one has a casino in it, brilliant!) and really gets busy at night. You walk down some steps into a dip in the port and there are small bars next to and facing each other all the way along the strip. They are really lively and I have seen many spanish who looked no older than 16 down here. If there a lot of you I reckon this would be the place to go to gaurentee everybody is served, and if you dont like one bar you can just step right next door. Any time I have been here it has been absolutely packed!

On the other side of the casino, there are a couple more cooler bars and nightclubs, one that stays open till around 6am(baha beach club)that stretch out onto the beach. The first one,i think its called shoko is the nicest bar I have been to in barca,and certainly the most chilled out. It is a restaurant up to roughly 11-12pm, then all the table are taken away and it is like a proper nightclub. The music is deadly and there are large sofabeds everywere that you can just crash out on. If the music gets too much you can go outside to the decking right on the beach were there are more sofas and an R&B dj. We usually stayed here untill around 3 and headed next door to Baha. Brilliant city, you'll have a ball and if your looking for info on anything else Id be happy to help!