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I am a 24 year old woman who recently came out of a long-term relationship and am looking to fulfill a life long ambition to travel. I have heard Oz is a great placed to start but I will be travelling on my own. I would really appreciate anyones advice on where I should start - do I book flights first and then book a hostel? What do I need to sort out before I go?

To say I am scared/nervous by the prospect of travelling on my own would be a huge understatement so any encouraging comments from other people who have travelled on their own would be great.

If anyone else is also looking to travel during this time then please get in touch.

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I'm 26 female living in London and have done some travelling on my own around some countries in Europe. To me it's somewhat interesting, you will meet some interesting people on the way (I met a wonderful man in Venice last November and fell in love with him later when we met the second time!), sometimes it makes you feel you are "brave" enough to cope with any difficulties you may face on the way. Anyway it's safer around Europe for woman travelling alone. Other places I'm not sure. But in other hand, sometimes you will fee lonely when having diner alone and have not met any interesting persons for the whole trip!!!

Not sure where do you want to start? Oz??? Check what city you want to visit first, then check if there is any cheap flight then book flight. I would not worry much about hotel until after booking the flight because you will surely find somewhere to stay as long as you do not leave it to the last minute. And hotel price does not fluctuate much (if you are not heading for big festivals or peak season of tourism) But cheap flights and expensive flights are really different.

Hostel, hotel (I like this website, a bit expensive but good value for money) and countless other website in internet.

I can share some more of my experiences if you feel interested.

Good luck.


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Hi there

My name is Faye and i'm 26 years old. I'm flying into Oz on May 17 and staying in Queensland til June 16 where i'll be getting the XPT train down to Sydney from Brisbane. I too am travelling solo on my RTW trip and looking to meet loads of people. I'll be in Sydney til Aug 26 so if you wanna meet up just give me a yell.

Faye x

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Hi there,

I will be travelling around Australia in May also, and if you want to meet up get in touch. I fly into Melbourne and was planning on working my way up the east coast to Cairns.

Also- You`l be fine travelling alone, especially in Australia as you have the advantage of the language which is half the battle sometimes when travelling.

Anyway chat soon,