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am travelling around California for a few weeks and had an interest in visiting Tijuana. Unfortunately all I have heard are negetive stories about mexican police and crime being basically targeted at tourists the whole time and basically making the place no fun......not what I expected.

so, I was wondering if anyone knew of any other cities or towns on or close to the border with California that are worth a visit to get a taste of Mexicali. Places where the food is good and cheap, there is plenty of boozing, where I can buy some cheap tacky souveniers and where it is basically not like the States.

hope someone can help, I need something exotic thrown into my trip



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I've been to TJ many times and never had trouble. Just keep to the main part of town and don't do anything stupid (like get drunk in public or pee on the sidewalk). Be polite. Be aware of those around you which will often be fellow tourists. If you drive make sure you have Mexican auto insurance, try not to drive if you can.

Remember the locals want your business, and they try to keep the town safe. That means busting troublemakers which are all too often teenagers who go to TJ to drink legally and then fight or get in some other kind of trouble.

Beyond TJ however there's Ensenada a few miles south where a lot of Yanks like to hang out. You'll probably need a vehicle to get there. Nice place and if you go try to squeeze yourself into Hussong's Cantina ( the oldest cafe in Baja and home of the Margarita. Every tourist in Ensenada should go there once.

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If you had a little bit of extra time, I'd probably skip TJ and spend time in Ensenada. Great city. If you are looking to party however, visit Rosarito, but be careful. A lot of gang members like clubbing in the area.

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Gwelty's right
Mexico is ex.
Party town, is a shithole, but cool experience. We go down there all the time. You just gotta be careful, thats all. Watch your drink always!
Never had trouble down there, but shit certainly goes on....
Try not to look fresh...yea I know, but whatever, just cruise around like you been there a hundred times.
Rosarito is cool, ensenada same....TJ good during the day...but night ?????
Stay away from the Federalies....and yea the police are what you should be worried about...not gang members.
But is worth the trip,
Say hi to the zebra painted donkeys!!!!!!!

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You could try a couple hours east, through Jamal and east...cross over at Tecate.....noting there....aarrrrgh boring, but safer I think?
And there is beer there, what more could you want?