visa still processing + flying soon - anything I can do?

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Hi guys,

I'm flying out on saturday to hong kong and then leave for australia on tuesday but my working visa is still in the processing stage. I only booked my trip last tuesday + applied for the visa at the same time - i thought it would be fine because it says it only takes 48 hours on the website! I need to get it sorted out by saturday really at the latest because if worst comes to worst and it doesn't come through in time I need to change my departure flight from hong kong so I can enter australia when I get there rather than being deported!

is there anything I can do to speed up the procedure or check why my application has taken so long? There wouldn't be any reason for it to be reviewed/declined that I could imagine. I spoke to the embassy in the UK but they weren't very helpful at all

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Prayer and keep positive about it coming, thats about it. Their is little surprise that the morons that are in the Australian embassy are little help, because I know from personal experience that the ones in Lisbon embassy, Rio De Janiero consulate, New York consulate, Washington DC embassy, Los Angeles consulate and then Honolulu consulate are about as useless as you are likely to come across in any person and have not a clue about the laws that they are meant to know and rules they are meant to know. Unlike British Embassies and consulates around the world which are very helpful and will go out of their way to help you in difficult times even to non residents like myself, the Australian embassies and consulates like making life as difficult and as hard as possible for you. All you can really do is hope like hell it comes in time. Goodluck.

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You can check your visa at you will need your TRN and passport numbers.

If this fails i would email the help desk (it wont let me post the address)i had to change my passport details and they did it for me strait away but put URGANT in the subject box (may help, helped me)! Hope this helps

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wicked, thanks for your advice - I spoke to someone at the uk/oz visa helpline (a £1 a minute!) and got absolutely nowhere, e-mailed them yesterday and it's come thru this morning, talk about leaving it to the last minute! I think putting urgent in the subject line seems to work! Phew!