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1. Posted by konvict (Budding Member 6 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hey guyz plannin a trip to brazil, peru, costa rica, chile n ecuador.....can someone tell me how is the best way to travel internally in all the above mentioned countries in south america. Please suggest something that is economical as well...

2. Posted by rafaelabre (Inactive 19 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I'm brazilian.. so here's my two cents regarding my country...

First of all.. it all depends WHERE in Brazil you want to go to.. and how much time and cash you have in hands.. but those are basic principles, right?

If you got little time... FLY.

From locations like Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Salvador, Fortaleza, Florianópolis, Manaus... from/to main airports you may find flights ranging from R$ 100 (~50 USD) to R$ 500 (~250 USD), but most of them are around R$ 300, I'd say.


More expensive, but sometimes with good deals.

Distances are huge.. so if you're travelling around those main cities mentioned above... use inter-city buses. Biggest bus company is called "1001", site below. Tickets are cheap.. around R$ 15 to R$ 60 (8 to 30 USD) for trips that could last 2 to 6 hours.

Renting a car could also be an option, especially if you're travelling for a long time and with another 2-3 people. Roads aren't that good depending on the region, so avoid travelling at night just so you won't fall in a unexpected pothole going too fast..

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From Ecuador you'll have to fly to Costa Rica Quito-San Jose either by COPA or TACA Airlines, as there is no land passge South to central America nor pasenger ferries Ecuador/Colombia to Panama. Also as a passport holder from India best you check on Visa requirements, only Panama has an Indian Consul in all Central America. Distances are quite long in South America and International Bus Rides, including transfers, can last up to 70 hours duration, very little passenger train service. Best to join the one of both of the major Hospitality Sites and contact members, mostly locals, most speak English, the co founders of one site are Brazilians and live there.

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We used a combination of buses and flights.

Used LAN Chile and Aerolineas Argentina airlines, both pretty good.

Genrally found bus services very good, especially in Argentina and Chile. It's probably worth buying slightly more expensive tickets for very long journeys as you get a bit more comfort.

On buses make sure you guard your valuables well.

Have a great trip.

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Whatever you do, don't fly. Flying's bad, and for reasons of pollution, a rather irresponsible mode of travel. The flight down there is bad enough already, let's not make matters worse.

Overland transport in SA is excellent; busses are cheap, fast and plenty. And, if you got little time, it's no use chasing around an entire continent like mad, anyway. One should balance one's travelling ambitions with one's timeframe.

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I travelled all of South America and I would recommend based solely on economics... bus through all the countries except Brasil where it is cheaper to fly... and ifg you are planning on going down to Patagonia in Argentina the flight up´to Buenos Aires is often cheaper than the 41 hour bus ride which you see nothing except dirt. Take Care. hat