Is two weeks in Bangkok worth it?

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1. Posted by drs282 (Budding Member 3 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

I want to head to Thailand but my time is limited. Should I try to push it to 3 or 4 weeks or just go another time when I have more time. Also, if anyone has any suggestions based on that 2 week time frame that would be killer. THanks a bunch.

2. Posted by Mel. (Travel Guru 4567 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

Hello Drs

Yeah, go.
When i used to work, i had only limited time off. I often went to far away places for anything from 1 week, to 5 weeks.

First time I was in Thailand, I was only there for 16 days.

There are many options, for things to do.
U can choose and island to spend a week on, or travel around, spending 3 days in a number of places orU could hop from town to town, on the the train, to go up north or down south, and then get an overnight train all the way back, to Bangkok or u could spend a week, in one of the national parks.


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3. Posted by Winkekatze (Full Member 41 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!


two weeks isn't that much time, but why not? - You could spend a couple of days in Bangkok and then either head for the north (Chiang Mai) to do some trekking/rafting/elephant riding and visit some hilltribe villages or you choose one (or two) of the islands in the south like Ko Samui / Ko Tao, Koh Lanta,... - depending on your preferences. However, if possible, you should try to stretch your stay at least up to three weeks - Thailand is a really beautiful country with lots of nice spots. Alone exploring the city of Bangkok is a great experience, I always love to come back there!

Filika - Best regards,


4. Posted by Jadearth (Budding Member 36 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

YES! stay at the Shanti Lodge.

5. Posted by karazyal (Travel Guru 4951 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

Back to your original opening statement: "Is two weeks in Bangkok worth it?" I wouldn't spend 2 weeks in ONLY Bangkok! If 2 weeks is all you can get at one time - go for it - and make the best of it. You will still have a good time and the next time you visit you will will be more familiar with how things work.

I would spend a couple days in Bangkok at the beginning of your trip and at least a couple days at the end of your trip. This would get you used to the heat, time changes, find a hotel, take a showr and check out some of the tours offered.

Once you get settled into a hotel you can check out some of the tours offered or book transportation to other destinations. There are lots of travel agencies with a menu board of available tours, some for all day, some half day and some overnight - lots of choices! Always compare prices with other travel agencies for what best appeals to you. They pick up and deliver you back to your hotel. Sometimes a hotel will store some stuff for you so you won't have to carry winter gear all over Thailand with you. When you return to Bangkok you will be a little familiar with the area near your hotel.

In Bangkok I would stay in an area that has easy access to the Skytrain. The Skytrain can take you to the bus station, subway (for national trains) and lots of places in the city.

6. Posted by zachary ( 471 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

Quoting Henna Jade

YES! stay at the Shanti Lodge.

got a link for that place?

7. Posted by Mohammad_Amir (Inactive 160 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

i d in Bangkok by tomorrow and was looking to goin to Khao San Road and then decide where i wud b staying ... but....

where is the Shanti Lodge??????

8. Posted by joey22 (Respected Member 561 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

two weeks in bangkok would be a bit grim

a couple of days will do. then jump on night train to chiang mai for 4-5 days. then pick and island for the rest of the time and enjoy it.

it will be a fun 2 weeks

joey :)

9. Posted by O-Stalker (Budding Member 11 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

Hi there, drs282!

To answer your question, it would be good to know what your travelling habits are. For example, everyone probably would do something different with two weeks in Thailand. I have been to Thailand before: once for a month and another time for two months. So with only two weeks to spare I would probably focus on a sprecific area I would like to see - or maybe just hang out on an island, read books and relax. But maybe you would like to cram in as much of the country as possible within that time.

So as I said - a bit more info would be helpful.


10. Posted by Johno (Budding Member 13 posts) 16y Star this if you like it!

Id have to agree with Joey..2 weeks in BK would be a bit of a punish...well, to me anyway, I go to Thailand often and Im a beach type person...I stop in BK for 2 nights max then head south to Phuket and stay at Patong Beach...that seems to be where all the action is ( meaning nightlife) but Ive always found it a good can then hire transport and go for it. You can also take boat trips to beautiful outter islands from Patong..Phi Phi and the like.

All the best..and remember, no matter where you go in Thailand you are always in for a good time.