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1. Posted by Lshag (Budding Member 5 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

My buddy I'm going to visit in Spain said that no one really cares (at least where he lives) if you drink underage. He said that you commonly get served underage and I was wondering if this is true because it makes so much sense since teens are going to get drunk anyway. Here in Canada, the drinking age is 19, but that doesn't stop the majority of 14-18 year olds from getting booze, so I say why not take the European approach and just serve it, because inevitably, we're going to get it anyways. ( Often in a much less safe manner than we would at a beer store/pub).

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Well, it rather depends on which country, who you're with, how old you look and how rural you are. If you look 14 and try to get served in a swanky bar in Paris they'll turf you out. But if you're 16 going on 18 and you pop into a rural tapas bar in Spain no-one's going to bat an eyelid.

But I don't think you can take it for granted that you would get served everywhere and the law does vary throughout Europe.

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Hello Lshag

There are laws in Europe, about how old u must be, before u can be served alchol, in bars.

But, if u look at least 18 they will usually serve u, without question.


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I lived in England for three years and only got carded 2 times ever. I get carded for every single beer I buy here in the U.S., even if the bartender knows me! I hate it!!

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In Italy you can drink what you want, when you want and if the barman doesn't serve you, you can buy drinks in bottle in a supermarket. Only on the higway and in the disco there are "limits" during the night. It can appear strange I know, but there aren't great problems of alcoholism...not yet!!!