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Hello all,

Like most of you I'm off n my travels soon, itinerary as follows:

Brazil - 6 weeks
Argentina - 3 weeks
Chile - 1 week
NZ - 1 month
OZ - 5 months
Thailand - 6 weeks

My departure date is the 23rd April :)!!
Firstly, has anyone ever been asked for a certificate to prove that they have had the yellow fever vaccine when entering countries??? As my doc said this is the main reason for having it.
Secondly, do i need any visas for any of the countries on my list, apart from oz as I will be getting work there?



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The visa requirements really depend on what country you are from. I would check each country entry requirements that you are travelling to. This will give you any information that is needed for your visa. If you are going to a Yellow fever prone area it is best to get the vaccine and carry the proof of it with you. There is a chance at any country's customs to deny you with out it. Better safe than sorry.

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I agree with having the certificate to show as proof.

Looking at the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) site, both Brazil and Argentina are yellow fever endemic areas though Chile is not. If Chile is your last SA destination, then you may not be asked for verification upon entering OZ.

The certificate requirement for OZ is:
All persons >1 year of age who, within 6 days of arrival in Australia, have been in or have passed through an endemic zone

The certificate requirement for NZ is:
Not required

The certificate requirement for Niue (New Zealand) is:
If traveling from an endemic zone and >1 year of age

The certificate requirement for Thailand is:
If traveling from an endemic zone and >1 year of age

CDC Yellow Fever Requirements by Country
CDC Yellow Fever Overview w/Maps