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Myself and some mates are hiring a car and have maybe 4-5 days to drive and stay in San Fran.

Does anyone know any cool cities or towns to stop at along the way up to SF from LA?
Is Big Sur or Monterrey better or are both worth is?
Anyone know any cool beach towns with a sort of hippy vibe?

My mates arent keen to check out the coastline there but I need to convince info info!!

maybe some photos



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Drive through Big Sur. Gorgeous rugged scenery.

Stop in Monterey and do see the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Santa Cruz beach boardwalk is great fun to visit. There is a definite vibe to the area.

Have a great trip!

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For that "hippie" vibe, go to Santa Cruz, and then take Highway 9 (winding road that goes through the redwood forest along side a river and then goes over the hill to the Santa Clara Valley).

Along this road, once you get to the towns of Felton, Ben Lomand, and Boulder Creek, you'll think that the hippies never left (mostly because they didn't--they are still here). For a real trip, go to a restaurant called Ciao Bella at night for dinner (it's in Ben Lomand). The old hippie VW bug van is still parked in the back. The whole restaurant is one big black light LSD trip still happening, and the waiters and waitresses get up in the middle of serving you to do their singing, and impromptu dancing on a stage in the middle of the restaurant. Also, the food is actually excellent.

Santa Cruz has passed an ordinance making pot smoking (marijuana smoking) something that should be low-priority for the local police department--and the city is always fighting with the feds who want to actually enforce the drug laws here. In the mountains they continue to grow the pot illegally and occasionally (once every two years or so) have feds show up with helicopters and drop in to try and round up a few people who have cultivated entire hillsides of 20 acres or more. But like I said, that part of the county is still living as though it's 1965 and they really don't want to change--and feds coming by once every couple of years doesn't really change anyone's attitude or actions.

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Oh, I forgot to mention--at the top-end of Highway 9 is the Big Basin Redwood Park--the oldest redwood park in the country.

Here are some links to pictures of the sites in the park:,%2520Big%2520Basin%2520Redwood%2520State%2520Park,%2520California.jpg&imgrefurl=