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Hi everyone. I am hoping to do something worthwhile when I travel. I have changed my RTW route to go to South America after Oz and I want to teach english there. Has anyone done a TEFL course - was it worth the while. I am probably going to go with this as it seems that it is recognised worldwide. I wouldn't want to bother with the CELTA course which apparantly is more intense and very expensive. Anyway if anyone is / or has taught abroad anywhere with this course or done it and is looking for work worldwide - could they tell me how easy it is and also what was the course like.

Many thanks.

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Hi there,

I did a TEFL course and it is worth while. One point though the smaller communities will let you teach english with it but if you go into cities they will also require degrees, some schools don't really care whether the degree is in teaching but some do. I have friends working in Dubai, South Korea and Taiwan, they all think that the TEFL opened a lot of doors.

On the other hand I was speaking to a woman on my TEFL course who had just spent the last 2.5 years teaching english to young monks in Laos, she had no certificates / degrees of any kind. She had travelled to one of the remotest parts she could hitch hike to and chanced her luck, it paid off but she had come back to Ireland to do the TEFL in her holidays as she said that another monastery had offered her a job on the condition that she had it.

Within TEFL itself there is many variations of the course, most schools will expect you to have completed as a minimum 100 hour course, you can actually complete this in a two week course.

My own course cost me around €350 last year. As for getting jobs, there is many TEFL or related job web sites and it seems pretty easy enough, though you have to be flexible on the classroom size and age group you're willing to teach.

If you need any more info let me know.


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I was wondering what the difference is between the CELTA and TEFL, other than the cost and that the former is geared toward teaching english to adults.

My local British Council offers a CELTA course but not a TEFL course, and it can apparently be completed in 10 weeks (20 full days). However, the fees are rather steep and I was wondering why. Would a CELTA holder have better employment opportunities than a TEFL holder? Or, why would anyone choose to do a CELTA over a TEFL?

Any thoughts would be much appreciated. Many thanks!

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Hi Yan, all I know is that the CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching Abroad) is a more intense course, covering more ground. The TEFL (Teach English in a Foreign Language) is less intense but enables you to grasp the basics in order to teach abroad. I am now doing a TEFL course on 25/26 Sept in Ireland.

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TEFL has also become more world recognised, i was talking to a colleague who did celta and though it was more intense they didn't feel they had the confidence to go into a town and teach people. Part of the TEFL course that I did was to teach you that no answer is wrong, tefl is more about being able to communicate in english in the beginning and then enhance the grammer aspect later etc.....tefl also allows you teach all age agroups..........