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Hiya, Im a new member and this is my first post. Basically my situation is this... I'm a student and intended to take a gap year to go travelling but due to my friends pulling out it never happened and I went straight to uni without taking a gap year. I really regret this cos travelling is a dream of mine and i feel like im missing out. So since I get a 3 month break from uni at summer i'v decided to go to Spain (either Tenerife or Barcelona) for those 3 months.

I'll be going by myself cos i dont wanna get let down by friends again. Since this is my first experince off traveling its obviously a bit daunting and scary. I'll need to get a job in Spain to support living at a hostel and I was just wondering if anyone could give me advice about anything at all really.

I dont speak Spanish but since im going to a touristry part will this really matter? Also how easy will it be to find work? I intend to go to every bar/ restaraunt looking for jobs so am i bound to find something to support me? Any other advice would be greatfully recieved as well, like where should i go/stay and the price of hostels and things.

Thanks in advance

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see my reply in this thread:

The Department of Work and Pensions is also the place to enquire about legal requirements for working in Spain - things like social insurance, pension benefits, etc.

I also heard that it is quite easy to find bar work or similar, but mostly "under the table, cash in hand". (Not recommended.)

Make sure that no matter what, you can always return to the UK. If you are low on cash, dip into Morocco, as it is cheaper there. Ryanair has some very cheap flights to Morocco in summer, have a look.

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To be honest I would be willing to take whatever work i could get because I am desperate to Stay over there. The hostels im lookin at will be about £10 - £20 a night so i'll need to be able to cover this.

Will not speaking the language Hamper me at all? I am intending to work in the tourist bits like bars and restaraunts.

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One piece of advice for you is that it may be easier for you to find work in tenerife as there are so many bars crammed into the one place, & also there would be more english speaking people as hundreds of people go every year working as all sorts.

I have friends that have done it a couple of times (not to tenerife tho) and have had jobs handing out filers, working in bars, kids entertainment. They said if you are willing to work you will find work.

Barcelona is a beautiful city but I found that waiting staff wouldn't necessarily have a lot of english just because it is a touristy city(one restaurant we went to in a busy touristy part of the city had only one waiter who spoke a tiny bit of english) as there are so many spanish people living there & spanish tourists they don't seem to rely on english speaking tourists as much as tourist resorts such as tenerife, canary islands, ibiza, aiya napa etc. I suppose it really depends what kind of holiday you are looking for?

Whatever you do, enjoy!!!

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Hello Leeryan1

I know a woman who works as a teacher, in Ireland. In Summer, when the schools close, she goes to Spain, to work in a bar. So this should be possible for u, too. There should be plenty of tourist bars, which are mostly frequented by English speaking tourists.

I think a hostel will cost around 15 euros per night. Google hostels and the name of the place u want to go, and then u will get a list of hostels and their prices.

However, u will not be the only student going to Spain, with the same intentions, so there might be quite a lot of competion and not enough jobs. Also, how long will your money last, without a job? I think u need enough, for a month, if u are to stand a reasonable chance of things working out.

Other options:
Get a TEFL qualification so u can teach English, in Spain
Become an aupair. It does not pay much, but at least u can live with the family, for free. There is an agency, to arrange aupair jobs but I dont know the name of them. Maybe somebody else does.


6. Posted by leeryan1 (Budding Member 6 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I will have enough money to last me over a month cos Between now and June I intend to save around £900.

I think it will be bar work tho... Not very good with kids lol

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Hello Leeryan

Maybe the job centres in England offer a service, to get jobs, in other countries. My sister got her Summer job, in Germany through the Irish version of the Job Centre. This was when she was a student and lived in Ireland. It might be worth asking them.