Easy stealing during DIGITAL ERA !!

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Easy stealing during DIGITAL ERA

During the film era, there was not that many cases about stealing images compare to our new era of digital photography.
These days the crooked people under the good name of Pro-Photographer could steal any images thru internet very easily. Then they could change them little bit and present them as their own hard work to few fools.

I DO have a proof.

I managed to caught a thief during my daily critic/comment writing among images. [(K=37501) on 3/3/2006]

Then I managed the spot this.


Now examine those images for yourself and judge if I am right in my reason.

Good luck.

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The stealing and forging of photos on the internet is not that new. Many different software programs allow you to "watermark" your work. It's not foolproof by any means, but it takes a serious thief more time to edit the image, and for most, not worth it. There are also a number of online companies that offer watermarking services to the more serious professional photographer willing to pay for them. Realize, watermarking is only one layer of protection, if even that.

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for sure the ease of stealing images is a problem in the digital era, to me thats why if you're posting photos online having a large imbeded watermark is very important.