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Myself and my better half have two weeks 26 July to 9 August and are thinking of doing a bit of a trip around some of the Greek Islands. Any help, advice or info would be appreciated.:)

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Well, first pick a group - you've got a few main choices:

The Ionian islands include Corfu, Kefalonia (of Captain Corelli's Mandolin fame), Ithaca (where Ullyses came from) and Zakynthos. They will be reasonably pleasantly hot in mid-summer and there is enough variety to keep you going for a few weeks. Zakynthos has some great beaches, including the much-photographed shipwreck bay. The North of Kefalonia is great for getting away from the beachy brit crowd, there are some great picturesque villages. I think Ithaca would be even further off the beaten track.

On the other side of the mainland, the Sporades (main islands Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos) are also very actractive and quiet lush, a pleasant place to be in the heat of the summer. Skiathos is famous for its beaches, and I adore Skopelos town, a great picture-postcard collection of white house built up higgledy-piggledy into hills surrounding the bay.

The Cyclades would be great for island hopping 'cause there is fantastic variety - from the blown-out volcano of Santorini to the party island of Ios to quieter, more far-flung bits like Tinos and Folegandros. They will be mighty hot in July/August though.

Driest and most arid are the Dodecanese - Rhodes, Kos and Kalymnos are the most well-known - and they will be unbelievably hot at at that time of year - don't go unless all you want to do is bake on a beach

At the time of year you're going, there will be very regularly ferries to/from Athens and between the main islands in each group. Ferries between groups are less frequent, and there is no ferry between the Ionian islands and the other groups, though two weeks is probably only going to be enough time to hop around one group.

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check out my post about "joining a tour this summer"

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Hi there ..
Depends on what you are looking for this summer but if you are asking me, Cyclades are way much crowded and expensive !
Think about North East Aegean Islands .. my fav is Lesvos ( Excellent water, excellent food, great ecenery, reasonable prices, very good lodges, and u get there by a ferry (10 hours from Peireas port in Athens) or high speed (8 hours from Peireas port in Athens). Ship leave daily, both winter and summer time ! But schedule differ .. summer schedule is announced at the end of June. Additionally, Turkey coast is very very close, and u get there on a day trip in less than one hour time (ship depart at 08:00 in the morning and arrive back at Mitilini which is the capital of the island at 19:00 in the afternoon). They usually visit Ayvalik, a nice place with excellent fish and you can walk around, do some "bargain" shopping and taste the turkish culture and cuisine.
Ionian sea islands are good also ! My fav this time is Lefkada ! Top one rated beach in green blue water seasides and nice night life ! You can also check on some excellent lodges there ... but a bit expensive at the time you are planning to travel. Late July, early August is the time during wich all Greeks take their summer vacation .. so you may get the idea ;)

Enjoy ur Summer in Greece !


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Islands I've visited:
Ios...great craic, parties all day every day!!
Paros...quieter, nice beaches, still a decent nitelife.
Santorini...defo worth a visit, totaly different than d otr islands, volcanic beaches aren't too pretty tho!
Naxos...lovely atmosphere here, family island, goo water sports.
Enjoy...I might even be going myself in July and Aug!!

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Get plastered in Ios!

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Santorini, one of the most beautiful, romantic, relaxed places in the world.... thats my vote! Have a great trip :)

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My favourite Greek island that I have visited has to be Rhodes, especially the town of Lindos. It really is beautiful, but very busy and expensive at that time of year. Worth it though as most of the tourists leave at around tea time every day.

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Well, because everybody has an opinion.. but it depends to who is listening!

What kind of people are u? What are u looking for?
Cause u are Irish i believe that i have some very good ideas for u! ( cause i believe irish people is very lively like greeks..).

Well, my suggestions is for people looking to see a country, its places and its people, but REALLY SEE IT, NOT THE TOURISTIC WAY OF ITS LOOKS LIKE : (sorry for my english..)

(if u are the kind of people want to go to the place which everyone is there, be partying all the time.. then Santorini, mykonos, rodos, ios are some of the places u can visit)


from 26 July to 1 August go to IKARIA (near samos. its a little bit long trip. about 10 hours by ferrry from athens)
There will be the most original Greek island's fiestas, exactly these days. Not to crowded, nice beaches, nice beaches for free camping, rooms i dont know. Search the web, but i think u will find a cheap one if u search these days)

Then visit a few days MILOS!For sure!Look in web for rooms.It will be great!!With amazing beaches and then:
- if u like something more crowded and romantic go to Santorini (kyklades)
- if u like partying go to Myconos (kyklades)
- if u like free camping and quiet places go to Anafi (kyklades) or Koufonisia (kyklades) or Alonisos (sporades)
- if u like something typical greek island go to Naxos or Sifnos

And also something more. Kyklades is without green (trees etc) If u are lover of Nature go to Ionio Sea (Zakynthos, Kefalonia) or to Samothraki