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1. Posted by WillCRNA (First Time Poster 1 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Im going to Greece this summer with my wife & another couple. We've already been to Mykonos, Santorini, Naxos, Ios, and Paros. Im looking to go somewhere different within the Cyclades for a few nights. Id like to go somewhere where its not crowded, yet I want more than just 1 bar and 1 restaurant you know?--(nothing too remote) In looking at the map, it looks like MILOS, FOLEGANDROS, SYROS, and SIFNOS are options. Has anyone been to any of these? Any suggestions?

2. Posted by clueless (Full Member 30 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I've been to Folegandros, Syros and Sifnos (but not Milos) and
I would say that from these, Folegandros definitely has the
more "small place" feel about it.

In fact it may be wise to book before you go, especially in August it can get pretty crowded, as it is very small and has gained in popularity recently.

Then again, in August it would be wise to book beforehand no matter
which of the four you choose ;)

So, of the four, I'd go to Folegandros, preferably early July

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I haven't really travelled to Greek islands as much, but if you find yourself in Crete for whatever reason, there's a small town called Irapetra in the south of Crete, that you may like. I passed through it a few summers ago. It was nice.

Good luck and have fun!!


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Hi there ..
Greece is not only the Cyclades islands, you know ! Since you have allready been there and "felt" the scenery, why not trying something different instead ? North Aegean islands are excellent ..Try Lesvos island where you can match places of serenity and peace, excellent beach, magnificent food, ideal prices (nothing to compare with Cyclades), or other places on the same island with lively nights, bars, clubs, live music restaurants and beach bars. (http://www.lesvosonline.gr/)
Another option is the Nort Western parts of Greece, an area called Epirus where you can find both seaside areas with great water and mountainous places of unique beauties. (http://www.about-ioannina.gr/)
I guess you should think about it ;)


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Hi WillCRNA,
How are you? Your focus at the map was right! these islands on the Aegean meet the criteria you gave; let me describe them in a few words
SYROS : the capital of Cyclades group of islands. the most well developed and among the most picturesque. crowded level above average
MILOS : Wild beauty similar to Santorini, excellent seasides, volcanic landscape, and crowded level average
FOLEGANDROS : Like Milos but smaller the least developed island keeps its wild beauty still unexplored. Just two bars and restaurants crowded level below average. Suggested for those who want to be closer to nature and a little bit away from civilization. www.greek-tourism.gr/folegandros/ have a look there, I like it very much i suggest to visit it. You can combine your visit with Milos. they are very close each other.
SIFNOS : Very beautiful island with an average crowded level. It's well developed for tourism and offers everything (it's like Naxos) but more picturesque.
Try to find photos on the web to decide. In generally avoid August or book early. Everywhere you decide, it worths the value.
Hope i gave you a help. do not hesitate to contact me if you want more info

Have a nice time


Athens Greece;)

6. Posted by champico (Budding Member 5 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

As im greek i ve been to most of the islands. My advice is to go to Folegandros. It's exactly what you ask for!
Otherwise, you have to go to Hydra. Not so quite as Folegandros but for me it's the BEST island in Greece. Very beautiful, very traditional, just 1 hour from Athens on a speedboat (so you can have a one day excursion if you like) and above all....it's the only island in Greece (perhaps in the whole world!) where cars, bikes, everything that has an engine(!) are forbidden. Walking or riding a donkey is the only solution my friend! Dont worry, the island is really small. :-)