Is it still safe to travel,how do u feel???

Travel Forums General Talk Is it still safe to travel,how do u feel???

1. Posted by boogydown (Budding Member 18 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

You know i think about it for only a short time ,but really how safe is our world..
Its a sick place, but i love to live.
Roy - NYC

2. Posted by Rraven (Travel Guru 5924 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

I used to think about it at one stage too, well you hear so many stories about this world being so unsafe for women to travel etc............ but to be honest you have just as much chance getting knocked down by a car crossing a road outside your house as being shot or attacked travelling. I wouldn't let a few incidents prevent me from doing what I love........ after all why should we live in fear or hide in our own countries if our hearts belong overseas..........okay i'm rambling but basically we have as much right to this world as the next person..........Nikki..

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You live in (so do I) New York City. With the exception of a few places, I'd guess you're actually safer travelling than crossing Broadway, or eating anything made in a push cart on the streets.

You're right... I think... The world is going a bit mad lately, but I'll never let that stop me from experiencing all the things that I want to in the world... I think that safety is really a relative thing anyways... With the rash of subway shootings, MTA train and ferry wrecks.. a bus wreck or two.. Cab drivers attacking passengers, and whatever else goes on around New York these days, I don't anymore safe at "home" than I did landing in a recently bombed airport when I went to the Phillipines.

Looking at it from another angle... Because of my line of work I have travelled to a number of "developing nations" including a couple who are part of Bush's "axis of evil"... No matter where I go I do not hesitate to travel around in a country I am in and really try to experience that place.. I've walked around the streets of Bali, Kuala Lumpur(and many other Malaysian cities), Midano Phillipines, Manilla Phillipines.... I won't bore you with a whole list, but you get the idea... In all these places I've never felt threatened by locals or others.. in fact I walked away from Malaysia having found it to be the most peacefull and easy-going country I've ever been fortunate enough to visit... So much for our government warning us how dangerous it is there.

While a lot of things are happening in the world that could easily make you feel uneasy about things, I believe that as much as anything (in the USA) That the media makes things spins things to sound worse than they really are... I think the media pushes fear on Americans like a dope dealer pushes crack on the corner, and like strung out baseheads we (as a whole) gobble it up and can't get enough of their crap..
Sorry. brief rant.

Anyways, this has gone on longer than I planned already so I'll stop after saying that I think it's plenty safe to travel still as long as you play nice with the customs and laws of the place you're travelling to.

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You could slip and fall in the bathtub at home, crack your head open and bleed out before anyone found you...
’mUight as well do it somewhere cool...

5. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Yup, the world has sick elements, and there is a chance that something can happen. However, you have as much chance of being killed at home (as per either Leah or Ian's definitions) as anywhere else.

In terms of normal travel, the only place I have ever been mugged etc., has been Geneva of all places (and that's happened twice, although for a sum total of about 15 Sfr). The only other place i have felt uncomfortable was Albania, but that was due to the sheer number of people/kids that came out to cheer/greet us strange foreign travellers in a remote town, rather than because we were being threatened. A fantastic experience, but so glad i'm not famous and don't have to go through that stuff all the time.

I travel frequently, and have spent allot of time in allegedly less safe places over the years. Admittedly you get a tad scared (ahem) in actual war zones when there is shelling going on around you, but other than that i've never felt particularly uncomfortable in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Serbia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Chechnya etc. etc.

You can't live your life in constant fear and not go anywhere in case something happens. Providing you are careful and generally try and avoid serious hotspots, your chances are as good as staying at home.

6. Posted by Rraven (Travel Guru 5924 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

You're right, I've been attacked and robbed in my own home town, which is supposed to be a quiet enough suburb but when I go abroad nothing has ever happened to me. At home people are polite but very distant, when away I've met the friendliest open people..............

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LIVE your life and don't waste time on fear. I travel alone all the time and i am a small woman. I have been in difficult situations, last year i made a wrong turn walking in the bush in africa. someone saw me and asked madam where are you going? i replied that i was going to my truck which i left in the next village. they helped me get back to my vehicle, i wasn't afraid because i didn't even know i was going out of my direction. safe is relative to your belief system. What is safe? anything can happen at any time to anyone anywhere. ;) Believe in yourself, and believe you will be fine.

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Hey Roy,

It's not safe to be anywhere at anytime. But if you risk nothing, then you have nothing. And there is a lot to be gained from travel. However, you can learn a lot of things by staying at home, too. If you are more afraid of staying home, maybe you need to do that for a while. And if you are more afraid of travelling, maybe you should travel then.

Really, I've taken good trips and bad trips and I have learned a lot from both kinds. I've also learned that staying at home for a while can teach you a lot of things that you didn't know. I don't think that it is unsafe to travel these days. It all depends on your attitude towards it. I took the best trip of my life so far when I hardly knew anything about travel and I survived. But I had a good attitude towards it and I was really open about meeting people and learning about the cultures around me. It inspired a lot of growth in my life.

I hope you make the right decision.