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Hey me and my mate are traveling to europe around January next year and was wondering if anyone could tell us what and how many visas we need. We plan to vist the all of UK, germany, holland, Czech Republic, france, norway etc most of Europe. We intent on working in the uk but holiday the rest.
Cheers Michael and Chris

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If you are an Australian passport holder like your profile suggests, well if you only visited the countries you mention, you shouldn't need any pre-arranged visas except the WHV for UK. The other places you mention should get a visa on arrival at no charge, but some places that you don't make mention of (mainly in Eastern Europe) like Belarus, Russia and Ukraine but a few others as well, require you to get a visa before arrival on an Australian passport. Russia is a real pain in the arse when it comes to getting a visa, so if you plan on going there you'll need to apply in a place where you plan on spending a while (probably while you work in UK). Unless you take the long processing time of 14 days the cost is really really obscene. In Australia it can cost up to $400AUD for the visa if you need it rushed, but for the long processing time it is still $85AUD+the $30US for the visa invitation you need to get before applying for the visa but if you like architecture than St Petersburg and Moscow are must's as is Italy.

If you check out

that site will let you fill in your passport type, country you want to visit etc and tell you if you require a visa or not. Depending on how long you'll be spending working in the UK, you might need to worry about the Schengen countries rules which limit the time you are allowed to stay in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. I think it allows you to stay a maximum of 180 days all up in the course of 12 months (not 100% sure on that amount of time, but someone else reading this might know for sure, or doing a google search should have it mentioned somewhere). If you go from one Schengen place to another like being in Norway going to Sweden-Finland, flying to Spain and then going by bus to Portugal, you would have got your passport stamped in Norway (assuming you entered from a non Schengen country), but when you go to all the other countries, your passport wont get checked when landing at the airport or going overland until you go to depart to a non schengen country.

Have a great trip.

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For Schengen, it is 90 days out of a 180 day period.

Best travel around in Germany, France, Spain etc. for 90 days, then go to the UK to do your WHV for at least 90 days. Then you can go back to Western Europe and travel uninterrupted for another 90 days. Polish of your visit with Eastern Europe where the countries are not yet full members of the Schengen treaty. (But watch out, some will gain full membership in 2008.)

BTW, visa hopping (going out of Schengen for one day and returning the next for another 90) will not work.