Seasons and Weather in Canada help please! thanks

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Hi there, can someone tell me when the summer, autumn, winter and spring months are in Canada?.... Not sure if they ar the same as the UK?. or vasly different?.. when is the coldest or mildest time?....
I am going to Vancouver in late December / early jan 2008 and also need to know ehen the Peak seasons for skiiing are.. and low season... any help would be great! thanks

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In general, it's the same as in the UK. Even Vancouver has about the same climate as the UK. The rest of Canada is a bit different, in that it has cold winters and dry warm/hot summers, except the northern and northeastern parts which are cool during summer.
Winters are longer the more northerly you travel. Summers in southern Ontario can last until well in October.
Not a skiiing fan, but I guess it would be november-april in the Rocky Mountains (banff, jasper, whistler etc).

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The interior of BC, Okanogan and Thompson Valley is semi arid so winters can be warm, right now its about +8 C there. However they can have cold weather too and this winter set a record with -37C with windchill, unheard of ! There are great ski hills in the area though. Often you can golf and ski on the same day -:)

It starts to "feel" like spring around the end of February, March, in the interior.

Summers there can be very hot, hitting 42 - 44C at times. Pool time can run from the beginning of May to end of October.

I would suggest if traveling to carry a light weight but warm micro fibre kind of jackets, boots etc for winter. The best advise I would think is be prepared for winter.

Most of Canada has warm summers. The exception being the coastal areas where it not often hotter than mid 30's Again areas like Vancouver are very rainy in the winter, tho this year that rain turned into snow ! Its been an unusual year for Canada as for the rest of the world.

The one thing about Canada's weather is it can always surprise you with something not expected for the time of year

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Hey there

As everyone has said before, things in Canada are pretty similar on the coastal regions to the UK.

In Vancouver, dont expect to see much snow any time of the year. But once winter hits around November it starts getting over cast and rainy.

try checking out this site for some weather information on the Rockies. It shows the average temperatures for most of the towns and cities there, and it has some good links on the main site to alot of the resort areas.

Hope it helps a little!

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I am from Vancouver, and I had lived in London for a year and a half in the nineties and I have found that the weather is incredibly similar. Both have very warm and dry summers (June to August), mixed bag of weather for the spring and autumn, and both are cold and wet during the winter months. It also seldom snows in Vancouver (only in the local mountains), though this winter we had a rare exception where one week the snow came and stayed.

Yes, the high season for skiing in Vancouver is December, January, and February. Were you thinking of skiing in the local North Shore mountains?: Seymour, Grouse, and Cypress Bowl? Some have both day and night skiing times. Here are their websites:
Or, were you thinking of going up north to Whistler and Blackcomb village? Only open for daylight skiing:

Have a great trip!


Petra M, Vancouver