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I'm off to Aussie in september, doing the oz intro thing for the first week. Im travellin alone so im hoping to meet friends out there and see what everyone wants to do etc, not really sure what type of gap year im gonna be having, apart from that im gonna be working and travelling. Any advice on what things to pack and what things not to pack??? this sounds so girly, but should i take my straightners whill they work? will i even use them? do i take suitcase or backpack??...i cant see me spending much time in the outback, treking up mountains so i was thinkin of taking a suitcase?? Im only 5 foot and so a backpack would prob kill my back!! what sort of clothes do i take for going out at night in? is there any point in takin jeans etc?? Will they have the same products over there, shampoos etc, should i just buy all this when im out there?? I know i sound silly n girly but Im a little stuck as this is my first time travelling....any help would be great!!

Thanks guys
Ashleigh xxxx

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Whether hiking mountains or just lying on the beach.... while travleing. I would suggest a back pack over a suitcase, but that's just me. Also compared to other countries I would say that the culture and people of Australia are the friendliest and most out going I have come across, and it will be very easy to make friends, both back packer friends other travelers, and locals. I would have some type of rough itinerary in the beginning just in case you don't find any travel partners off the bat, but also make it known that you are looking for a group or someone to travel with at the OZ intro class. Go ahead pack your straightner, it doesnt take up that much room. Sydney is like any major city and is somewhat expensive to buy things so bring what you can, and as far as types of clothes, pack some of your favorites, stuff you won't mind repeat wearing, and stuff that is versatile, comfortable yet stylish and good for wearing out. Any where other than major cities like Melbourne, Sydney.... the style is very laid back, surfer style. Good luck!

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Hehe, you're not the first to ask :)

I am not entirely sure on the straighteners front, sorry

But with regards to backpack vs suitcase I would recommend a backpack. It's not likely you will be carrying it much (the concept backpacking is more related to the travelling with one these days than actually the carrying of one it seems ) but if you do have to carry it anywhere, it's a LOT easier than a suitcase. And believe me, 90% of the people in hostels will be carrying backpacks if they are working and travelling.

Jeans are every day wear in Aus, just like in Europe. Of course it depends on the temperature some, but I'd definitely take a pair or two. They have exactly the same products over there, although you might have a hard time finding exactly the same brand every now and then. But in general it's easy travelling, with all the same luxuries you are used to from back at home if you want them :)

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A lot of girls travelling in Oz have a straightners with them. Bring it if you like but if you don't, someone's bound to have one... As for backpack v's suitcase.... To be honest, if I was starting again I'd take a suitcase. Backpacks are very akward and while it is true you don't really end up carrying it all that often - it's still a pain in the ass. Majority of people do take backpacks but there's still a good few that use a suitcase. I hate my backpack and have bought a suitcase while over here to use instead.

Products are generally the same as at home (herbal essences, pantene, fructis, Nicky Clarke etc) but as mentioned, can be expensive. As for clothes, yes bring jeans. I've landed in some of the crappest weather along the way and definitely got wear out of my jeans. As mentioned the cities are quite stylish and going out clothes would be similar to at home - skirts, half leg or full leg trousers with dressy tops etc... Once in the smaller towns up the coast or wherever just jeans and a top or a skirt and top... You'll learn as you go... There's a shop in Sydney called SES and they do loads of cool cheap clothes that you'll only spend about $10/$15 on... I've spent LOADS in there!! ahahaha... There's 2 big stores on George St in Sydney.

I'm trying to think what you will NEED to pack... I guess obvious things like an adaptor and that. Oh, and underwear is VERY expensive here (in my opinion - as I'm used to Primark stuff ) so bring plenty! Min you'll pay for bottoms is about $8 and the Min for a bra is about $30/40...

Can't think what else but I'll post or message you if I think of anything...

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Aww thanks guys your posts were REALLY helpful!! chears!! my friend who went to america last summer has given me the exact opposite to what you guys told me so its great to get advice off people who have been there....obv she was helpful but i think Aus and the USA must be totally different!! thanks loads for the help!!

Ashleigh xxxxx

6. Posted by xashleighx (Budding Member 22 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

reply to Caoimhea -thanks loads i will defo be looking out for that clothes shop! hehehe chears xxx

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Quoting xashleighx

obv she was helpful but i think Aus and the USA must be totally different!!

Yep, totally different in terms of travelling. I would recommend a suitcase sooner for the States, but there aren't nearly as many hostels :)

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My advice for packing. Leave some room in your pack - if you are in a rush (big night on the town, early morning departure), there is nothing quite as shitty as trying to squeeze everything back in your bag like a puzzle!!! Only take one pair of jeans, they are useful yes, but they take ages to dry and they are big and heavy. Wear lighter clothes, like cargos etc... Take your straightener, everybody needs an indulgence. I can travel on nearly no money, but I always use Wella Professional Shampoo and Conditioner - I can't help myself!! Having said that, vanity kind of goes out the window when you travel. Most people can't be arsed :-) There are some key things you need: a good torch, preferably an LED because the battery never runs out, ear plugs!!!!, a wine opener, a knife, bandaids for blisters, some form of MP3 music device to get some "me"-time and sunscreen! Having said that, Australia has everything you could possibly need and you can buy it all there fairly affordably. I would take a backpack - so much easier. If you get a 60 litre one, you can easily pack 15 kilos into it. You really don't need more and you won't want to carry more. I learnt that the hard way!!! I ended up slowly throwing things out, because my pack was driving me insane!

Hope that helps!


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If you are looking for cheap underwear, try best for less, they are great. Also target and kmart often have sales, and their stuff is realiably good. You can by 10 packs, so not glamorous, but for AU$12, who's complaining???