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I am planning on going to Boston/Cape Cod in late June and early July. Just wandering how hot it will be during that time?


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Boston: average max between 25 en 31 and 17 to 21 min average (degrees celsius).
Is Nantucket close to Cape Cod? In that case: average 20-22 max, 15-18 average min.

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'Hot' is relative of course. It will be in the 100s(40) come July, but not considered 'hot' yet in Vegas. When it goes over 110(44), then it is 'hot'. Of course it is a dry heat as we like to say. Similiar to standing next to a blast furnace. Or a giant blow dryer. Of course you can pop into the next casino for a bit of air con, or the pool at your hotel. You learn to cope.

The Boston/Cape Cod area will be in the 80s(25), but it can feel very uncomfortable due to the humidity. Dress in shorts and a t-shirt and live with it. The Cape and islands will be cooler than the city, plus you can jump in the water whenever you get too 'hot'. It is not that bad, you will adapt like everyone else. Have a great time.

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I am from Boston and I must say that whilst the "average" temps for July are around 85-90 degrees Farenheit it can often get much hotter and even when it IS those temps it will FEEL much hotter due to the humidity. Of course it is no where near as hot as places like Las Vegas which I have been to when it was 120 degress F which was AWFUL! LOL. On Cape Cod it may feel a tad cooler due to the ocean breezes but whilst in the city make sure to wear comfortable hot weather clothing or you may burn up (esp. since Boston is a walking city. Taxis, like in London, are NOTORIOUSLY expensive---around $13-$15 USD for a 2 mile trip in traffic. Luckily you can walk around fairly easily and the T---our version on the tube, the FIRST in the USA---goes just about everywhere you would want to go) Subway fares are $2 a ride ($1.70 if you have the rechargeable CharlieCard---similar to London's Oyster Card) or $9 for an unlimited day pass (it's worth getting the day pass if you are gonna go a lot of places, esp. since in July you may prefer to take the subway rather than walk due to the heat).

I don't know if you have been to Boston before but if not, some places worth going are: Copley Place, Prudential Center and Newbury Street for high end designer shopping; Filene's Basement (the ORIGINAL one in downtown crossing is the BEST ONE!) for HEAVILY discounted designer stuff (it's INSANE how cheap some stuff can get if you hit it at the right time!---sometimes up to 90% off the original prices stuff would be in the High Street shops!); the Museum of Fine Art is world-renowned as well as the Isabella S. Gardner Museum which has one of the largest collections of Rembrandts in the world if you are into art; the public gardens and Boston Common are great for a midday summer stroll, the former has swan boat rides in the pond; the 'duck tours' are WELL worth the $25ish price per person as they take you all over the city as well as into the Charles River (its an amphibious vehicle) and even I, a native Bostonian, learned things from the tour that I did not know of prior to taking it. There is MUCH MUCH more to see but that is a good start depending on what you wanna do and how much time you have in the city. We have some gorgeous hotels here as well (some favourites of mine are: The Boston Park Plaza, the Fairmont Copley Plaza, the Four Seasons and the Langham but there are SO many more equally as nice!)

As far as Cape Cod, I unfortunately cannot be of much service. I have been to Provincetown which is at the VERY TIP of the peninsula and it's kind of gay oriented but also has many art galeries and stuff like that. I tend to be more of a city person and I also have a swimming pool at my house so don't go down to the beach areas much. I hope you have a LOVELY time in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. If you wanna know anything else, feel free to ask. :)