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Hey everyone,

I want to go travelling for 6 months and would like to see australia,new zealand and thailand in that time,was thinking of staying in each country 2 months.Have not done a 'big travel stint' before was wondering if anyone more experienced could suggest an idea of cost of flight tickets and general amount needed for the whole six months.I dont wanna work whilst travelling.I have a fair amount of money saved already was just wondering about cost for the whole six months including flights and wanna generally go see the sights and have occasional nights out and also gotta do a parachute jump in Oz!Any helpful comments would be greatly appreciated.Thanks.

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I'd suggest having about $50US a day for Australia, $30US a day for Thailand and if you want to do any activities at Queenstown in New Zealand $80US a day, but if you don't plan on doing any of those very expensive activities at Queenstown then $50US a day should get you by. All of this would be staying in hostels, staying in hotels in budget hotels in Thailand wouldn't hurt your budget too much, but in Australia and NZ it'll bite a huge chunck of your money.

I think depending on how much money you have, you should aim to spend 3 months in Australia, 1 1/2 months in SEA and then 1 1/2 months in New Zealand.

I can't help much for approximate airfares from UK, but maybe an idea would be to check how much a RTW ticket costs that only includes a few stops like maybe London-Bangkok-Perth-Ayers Rock-Brisbane (fly out of Melbourne)-Auckland then you might have fly to somewhere like LA or New York as a brief stop before heading to London. Flights within Australia can vary a lot in price depending on your destinations. Like flights that involve Perth are usually quite a lot of money except if you wanted to go Perth-Adelaide by Jetstar or Virgin Blue and booked a long way in advance. If all you wanted to do in Australia was the East coast main touristy route which is far less "the real Australia" than Western Australia, Northern Territory, then you could just do loads of overland travel. Going by what other people from UK seem to post on the RTW forum, a ticket like I was saying would probably cost somewhere between £1200-£1400. A very cheap flight from Auckland-London costs £589 as the cheap price on Air New Zealand when booked many months in advance, a flight from London-Bangkok on British Airways costs £639.80 for a booking well in advance. So if two flights cost about £1220(not even including ones from thailand-Aus, any in Aus or the Aus-NZ flight), then it would appear a RTW ticket would be the way to go seeing most seem to be about £1400 from lots of posts from UK people on here. The ticket would also let you make more than just that one flight you would be buying with individual tickets and allow you to fly to some places that cost quite a bit for internal flights in OZ like maybe Perth, Ayers Rock or Cairns and even let you stop in US on your way back home.

Have a great trip.

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Thanks for the post aharrold45, was very helpful.Felix