A trip to Nepal and Tibet next year.

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My best friend and I are going to embark on a trip to Nepal and Tibet.

We want to go the last two weeks in September, and while we have been doing some research (on the culture, taboos, etiquette and so on,) I still feel that I need to know a few more things from others who have been there and have advice to share.

As I mentioned before, we are going for two weeks (maybe a little longer depending on our jobs) and we want to fly into Kathmandu, see the people and places, see Mt. Everest, and then travel to Lhasa.

Are there places to recommend? I want to travel to Nagarkot, Pokhara(both Nepal) and in Tibet visit some of it's holy lakes and monestaries.
Is there something unique (not incredibly touristy, I should say) that many do not see that should be seen and experienced?
Do we have enough time?

Any kinds of tips and advice would be amazing. I thank you in advance,


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As i posted elsewhere.........One or the other but not both in 2 weeks. I was in Tibet for 20 days(max visa) and Nepal for a couple months last year.

Travel in Tibet is expensive and time consuming but amazing. Something you should consider is the visa factor. When I was in Nepal the only way to get to Tibet was on a group tour. I heard on the China side they can "invent" a group for you. When we went via land from Kathmandu, the shortest trip was 7 days by land to Lhasa with 40 people divided among landcruisers.
Epic trip, hard physically(watch the AMS, few of the group got through without problems) and not exactly a leisurely pace but well worth it.

Nepal is much cheaper( maybe half of what you would spend in Tibet) and easier to cover to ground in. If you like the outdoors it is the place to be- trekking, rafting, kayaking, lots to do. And relatively hassle free.

Depends what you are into but I think you would be short changing either place if you did both.

Lemme know if you have anymore q's.

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Thanks Ghostdog.

We don't have an unlimited amount of time. We would have to get special permission from our employers to travel any longer than two weeks.

I agree that it will be hard to do in two weeks.

Do you suggest maybe just Nepal, and then Tibet as a seperate trip?

The time is the biggest factor. I can't take off a month. I wouldn't have a job when I came back.

I'm not sure what to do.

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Based on my experience, I would just do Nepal. As mentioned by another poster there is the waiting time for permits to get to Tibet and then it is very slow going and there the possibilty you may get altitude sickness which would really cramp your style if you were on a tight timeline.

Everyone travels differently and if you have a lot of travel experience and know the area well, 2 weeks is feasible. As a first time to either place or Asia in general, I would advise to stick to one place and not get to ambitious. Things generally don't work out as planned and you will get much more out of your trip.

Whatever you decide I can give you some info if you need some guidance........