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its really cheap for tourists who wanna s pend time in india , host families are available all over the india, its safe as well for female tourists, they provide hygenic indian food it gives lot of information abt indian culture as well.............

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Hello Vbandhu

We does one get information, about the host families?
If u post this in the Asia section, I think u would get more responses.


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Where can a person find more information, about staying with host families?


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Yeah i'd be interested to know too please

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I found some information about couchsurfing which seems similar. If anyone wants that e-mail I can send that out...but I also would love to stay with host families as this tends to be more single people from what I can tell.


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hey kris..i a a member of CS...n tho' me single...its not an all single site...u can choose & request who u wanna couch surf with..enough families on that site too

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I am unsure of what place vbandhu may be referring to for a site, but you can join for free on the following sites and search for hosts (sometimes families, sometimes, single people and sometimes a married couple, all around the world not just India). (one with most members) (not as useful as the other two)

I've had success on hospitalityclub and also on couchsurfing. I stayed with a family in Dubai which was a very interesting experience and they were really really nice people. I also stayed with a couple when I was at Iceland who were also very nice. That was also interesting but those people also were hosting other international travellers at the same time, so not only did I meet the lovely couple, but also meant other nice people. Just search on the sites and look at how many members in the house, obviously if it is 1 then they are single and living by themself. If it is 4 then it will either be a family or possibly it may be a shared flat which they'll let you sleep on the floor.

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