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Been reading a few forum entries on the site regarding languages in South America and am now more confused than ever so I thought I'd start a new thread!!

Our dilemma: We have given ourselves 3 weeks in BA arriving in October. Wondering what other people have done when learning Spanish there. Ideally we are looking for student halls or private apartments for accomodation (preferably with other students also learning) included with the school.

we have looked at various websites and are unable to find other peoples opinions and experiences of those schools. What do people reccomend? Is it better to be located within the center of BA? How long should we study for? We are in South America for 3 months.

Any light shed would be most appreciated.

Thank you,


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Hi Rish:

As a local who receive foreigners for many years, I try to put some light in your shadows:
In 2001 there was a big devaluation in Argentina, so now maaany foreign visitors are coming because of the cheap prices.
Then, many new institutes where created, some of them without enough experience to manage the whole needs of foreigners.

What is normal in recognized institutes is to divide the Spanish learning in several levels. Some institutes divide in 7, other in 9. Every level takes a week of 4 hours a day.

At the BA university (they have also Spanish courses, see my web site) they divide in 3 levels, but every level takes near one month.

I run an small guest house for foreigners in BA, and I help my guests to choosethe best course according with the time they will stay, the level, and even the mother tongue (it's not the same the learning for a person from latin country - i.e. France that for you, from UK- ). Also I know a private teacher (ex-institute) who teach very well and lives near my house.

That's why I don't want to put the name of any institute, and I reccomend to you not to boomk in advance from there. You will pay a lot (and more if you book accommodation with them), for something that you don't know.
Don't worry to come and choose here. Some institutes even will offer to you a freee 1st class.

...you can see more info about courses and also about accommodation in -snip-.

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I recommend finding a school which has multiple locations; i.e. i attended one that had a school in BsA and Bariloche as well as Cordoba, Tierra del Fuego, and one other location. I took one week in BA and lived in the center (Palermo area) and 3 weeks in Bariloche (i prefer mountains to city) I think the school name was ilee but i don't really recall. I found it on a site called 123teachme

hope that helps

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how are you?.

well here is an option to learn spanish here in Buenos Aires.

¨Academia Buenos Aires¨

for more info check the web page...the same name with dot com.

take care