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I will give him until tomorrow - he got a new car today so he's off playing with the boys in his new toy!!

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Congrats on HK decision. Heading off topic a bit to answer TAFKAW


I would think that she needs a budget airline. a return ticket to this destination will probably cost almost as much as her budget.

Agree that flights aren't always that cheap, But the trick here is NOT to buy flights. Instead, yuou buy a cheap package holiday there (which can be as low as 200gbp for a week), to take advantage of the flights and then do whatever you want at the other end. You have accom pre booked you can use if you want (for some or all of it), but you can just as easily head off and do your own thing.

Places like Gambia which have fairly recently come on the British package tour scene can give you great discounts on flights (with free accom avail if you choose to use it, even for a night), especially if you can travel reasonably short notice