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1. Posted by pburke (First Time Poster 1 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Myself and my friend are planning a two week holiday in July/Aug. We are planning to fly into San Francisco and drive along the coast to San Diego. What is the distance from San Franciso to San Diego? Is finding cheap accomodation along the way easy-we would even consider camping-are there many camp sites? We were also planning a trip to Las Vegas. Could we also have time to drive there or would we be better flying? Thank you for any help you may have to help me plan the trip! :)

2. Posted by friscokid (Full Member 122 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

drive to vegas. plenty of lodging along the coast, and camping areas too.

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Yeah, if you're driving already Las Vegas is just a short jog east out of your way. I live in Los Angeles, and people around here are often driving up to Las Vegas and back on a whim. As for San Francisco to San Diego, I think it could take as little as 8 hours if you were to do it all in one go. With two weeks to spend, you can take your time and not spend any long, boring driving days. I recommend definitely taking the 1 (or "Pacific Coast Highway (PCH)") It goes along the ocean, and is beautiful any time of year. Some parts it winds around mountains and cliffs above the ocean in an absolutely breathtaking way. There are lots of cute little places along the coast, and camping isn't a problem. In fact, some of the camping places are super nice. This strange combination of resort and camp ground. They have access to the ocean, and swimming pools and a rec center. I remember we stayed in one once that had a hay ride and a talent show. If you google California camp sites I'm sure a ton of sites will come up with tons of information about the various places. Sounds like lots of fun, a very nice idea for a vacation. Let me know what other info I can give you, more specifically catered to your interests....

4. Posted by MikeW (Budding Member 38 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

Keep in mind that July and August can be eye-melting hot in Vegas. My recommendation would be to make Vegas your last stop after driving to southern California. Drop off the rental and fly out of McCarren to home.

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The flight to Vegas is pretty cheap. And you can get combo deals with hotel stays too, so I would fly to save a little time.

The drive from SF to SD would depend on the route you took. Since you're taking two weeks, I'd suggest taking Highway 1 down for the scenic route. Lots of camping options around the Big Sur area.

Around Santa Barbara, the 1 joins with 101, and you can take that down to Los Angeles. Then 405 down to San Diego. Lots of beaches along the way.

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Definitely visit the city of Monterey and Carmel in central California. Take the 1 down: it is incredibly beautiful. If you like wine tasting, the Central Coast (San Luis Obispo) has some of the best wineries in California.

Vegas is a bit out of the way, so I would reconsider driving. Where are you flying out from? Maybe once you are in SD you could make the flight to Vegas?