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hi, anybody been to yogyakarta? would like to know budget accomodations and train sched .. thanks

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There are plenty of trains from Jakarta or Bandung to Yogyakarta. Just turn up early in the morning at Jakarta Gambir station or Bandung station and you should be able to find a train. Getting from Jakarta to Bandung takes roughly 3h from Jakarta and getting from Bandung to Yogyakarta another half a day. The view from the train is really stunning. Following the advice of an Indonesian friend I took a seat in Business class, which is apparently safer for foreigners than economic.
I can't remember the name of the hotel I stayed at in Yogyakarta but there are plenty of hotels and they are all in the same area, so you should not have trouble finding something.

Have a nice time in Yogyakarta.



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I took the train from Bandung to Yogjakarta in July 2006 and it took about 8 hrs- travelled in busnis class-not air conditioned, but really comfortable. If you want air con travel in first class.
Make sure you book one day before to ensure you get a seat- that is most important. I know from my experience of almost missing the train to Probolinggo without pre booking- got a seat 2 mins before the train left.
Yes, the scenery is really beautiful and travelling by train is a great way to see the countryside.
If you get near the driver's van you might be invited to stand in with him.
I did this on the Yogjakarta-Solo ( 1 hr trip) trip one morning- it was a lot fo fun and I almost felt like I was driving the train.
Solo is a must see with the old palace and surorunds.
In Yogjakarta, I stayed at Losmen Anda, in their only 20,000 rupiah room with my own bathroom- very nice for the price.
Lots of other rooms at only 25,000 and upstairs 30,000.
Address is Losmen Anda Sosrowijayan Wetan GT 1/143 Gang 11 ( as in 2). Yogjakarta.
If you like Indonesian food, Gang 1 has the best food at one of the entrances- 3,000-4,000 rupiah for a big plate of vegeatables, rice and piece of protein- fish, chicken. I ate there every day at the second little warung in from the main road.
Lots of European backpackers stay at Losmen Anda and it was a great place- the owners are so lovely,friendly and helpful.
I ended up staying for 10 days ( as it was cheap I left my gear in my room ( no valuables) (whilst I went to Solo for a wedding).
I also ventured back down to the beaches south for a day with a parking man I met in the street. Hired him and his motor bike for a 10 hr trip- wonderful experience.
The beaches south although mostly non swimmable- dangerous rips, are very picturesque.
Beaches include the famous Parangtritis, then there are Baron, Sundah, Kukup, and Krackel.
27 km trip down on the back of a motor bike is very pleasant.

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Hi Byiang,

Yogya is fantastic! The two touristy parts of the city are Jalan Malioboro or Parangtritis. There are a bunch of cheap hotels in both areas though Malioboro is right down town, and so close to the markets and booking agencies for things like Prambanan, Borobodur, etc.