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im flying into bangkok...i am very unsure on how to best approach my route this maybe because i have never been to south east asia before...yet also i think i am misjudging on the sure scale of size of each country. i have this idea were i am only a few hours away from bangkok to some islands etc...which i dont think is true.

anyway i fly into bangkok, i was thinking of spending a few days there...countrys that are of interest to me is vietnam in particular but just wondering if laos and cambodia are worth it?
should i spend the few days in bangkok then get a bus to laos, cambodia etc...doh...i havent a clue.

ive got 3-4 weeks in thailand, i plan to see most of the country except the north, if i have time then i will go and see the north. ive got 2-3 weeks in vietnam, and 2 weeks in cambodia and laos...maybe i do thailand first???

any advice on how i go about in doing this would be great...especially from someone who has been there before and know the best route....and to seee some amazing stuff such as scenary.
i know more about vietnam but with cambodia and laos i dont....


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hey oslaue,

you could maybe spend your first few days in bangkok, then head over the border to cambodia, then onto vietnam and then laos. from luang prabang in laos you could take the speedboat or slow boat back to the thai border. so then you'd be in the north of thailand and can work your way down to the west coast of thailand then over to the east coast and back up to bangkok at the end of your trip. in vietnam you can buy a 15 day visa for laos which will cover your stay there.

this is how i did my trip anyway except i started in malaysia and then did the round trip. it really depends on how long you want to stay in each country but i reckon your time scale is do-able if you only visit a few places in cambodia and loas. you could always have a vague plan and play it by ear when you get there.

the journey between bangkok and the south is quite long. between 8 and 12 hours i think. the same for between chaing mai and bangkok i think but you can do the trip overnight and save some time. cambodia and laos are definately worth it - even if you only have a short time there.

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thanks for the info...very helpful:)

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A bit of an idea if you are more in it for a sight seeing purpose rather than a whole relaxing cultural thing would be as follows.

Arrive in Bangkok get a cheap Air Asia flight to Hanoi
Do the open tour bus from Hanoi-Saigon making numerous 1 or 2 day stops along the way south. Then from Saigon, you purchase a 3 day 2 night Mekong Delta tour which takes you to Phnom Penh. Then in Cambodia you check out Phnom Penh for a few days, then get the bus to Siem Reap for about 2 full days. Then after that you could get a bus back to Phnom Penh and down to Sihanoukville for a couple of days of cheap relaxation by the beach. After that you could either get a cheap Air Asia flight from Phnom Penh-Bangkok, or you could try and make your way overland to Laos. I've not been to Laos so can't suggest any routing for there, but from what I've heard 2 weeks there really is nothing so maybe it'd be better to leave Laos for a future trip and spend more time in Vietnam which would be very rushed as it is with only 2-3 weeks. I rushed it and it took me slightly more than 2 weeks and I could easily have spend another 2 weeks had I not set my sights on also seeing Cambodia with only less than a month to do it in.

If you do decide to get the Air Asia flights, be sure to plan you itinerary well to be able to book well in advance, because otherwise if you leave it to the last minute the prices are not cheap at all.

In Thailand I found that 5 days in Bangkok was only just enough to see most the baiscs but even then I don't feel I saw everything as well as possible. I think 5 days would be a bare minimum if you want to see enough to recommend things to see and do in Bangkok.

You need to get your Vietnam visa in advance so you will need to have some dates in mind and some airline ticket that will proove you are intending to leave the country. An airline ticket that shows you leaving Bangkok relatively soon after the Vietnam section should be enough to keep them happy.

Have a great trip.

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thanks for that aharrold45. you made some excellent points.
ill check out the Mekong Delta tour.

5 days it is in bangkok:)