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Hi all
ok here goes me and my gf have been talkin for years to go travel the world before its to late ( im 26 and geting on ) so were trying to find out were the best places to go!
and we realy have no clue about traveling lol is there any tickets you can buy were the hostels etc are apart of the price and does the tickets all come to you or do u pay from place to place plus do u spend set time in one place before moving on
lol sorry if im boring you all
we are living trying to end up in perth after the end of it all
( we plan 2 stay in perth for 1 - 4 months after trip )
thanx all please post any help or places you would recommend

lots of love jordan xx

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Well if you plan on traveling for several months before you end up in Perth you are better of getting an around the world ticket. It is the cheapest way and they are reasonably flexible. You pick your destinations and a ticket for all flights is issued. As far as hostels you can book them ahead of time or just show up. Depending on the location and the time of year you may want to book in advance to avoid showing up to a full hostel.

Destinations all depend on your interests. If cities are your thing then it is easy to travel around europe hitting all major cities. If you like to camp and hike you may try New Zealand, Nepal, the western USA or most place in South America. Once you have narrowed down a few places you can begin to figure out a budget. Hope this helps.

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A Round the world ticket would be your best bet, but that doesn't include accommodation like you were hoping to be included (which is a good thing that it doesn't). At least if you only have arranged you main points without booking all of your accommodation way in advance, it gives you the flexibility to say that you want to stay here 5 days before moving on to there for another two and then a few other places for another two and then take off from .... to .... again. Instead of say landing in Bangkok and being restricted to just stayin in Bangkok and not seeing anything else out of the city because you'd pre-booked your entire trip worth of hostels before hand. The only problem with a RTW ticket is that you need to go round the world so if you take off from London then you'd be expected to have London as your final stop. So either you could say spend 7 months going around the world until you get to Perth and then spend the 4 months in Perth/Western Australia and then fly back home just before the 12 months are up on your round the world ticket, or you could have your ticket finishishing in London and just forfeit that final flight and purchase a seperate ticket when you've had enough in Australia. If you are coming to Australia in the hope of travelling around instead of staying put just in Perth, well it'd be best to leave a few months. Western Australia itself could take a few months to do well, let alone other regions of Australia.

You choose how long you want to spend in each place, but on the RTW ticket sometimes what people do is for example they might land in Bangkok and then depart again from Bangkok. In that time they'd do a lot of overland travel throughout the whole of South East Asia in say 3 months. So instead of landing in Hong Kong and having to backtrack all the way back to Hong kong they'd go to Bangkok to depart from saving all that backtracking. Other times like in Europe, you might base yourself in London and do plenty of overland travel in Europe for a few months before getting a cheap flight on Ryanair or one of those budget airlines to London to then depart to your next continent or destination that isn't cheap to get to.

Like boreal2673 says, the best places to go would depend a lot on your interests, reasons for taking the trip, likes and dislikes etc. Like if you are keen on old architecture, history and your photography, then places like St Petersburg or Rome can not be beaten. If you are keen on Nature, then places in Canada, New Zealand and Tasmania (Australia) are hard to beat. If you want to see natural wonders like canyons, nice rock formations, waterfalls etc then Australia in particular Western Australia (off the tourist track) and Northern Territory are great, just as Utah, Nevada, Arizona in America are just to name a few. If you want a cultural experience then India can not be beaten, but be warned if you go there you won't leave feeling the same as you did going there. You'll most likely be scarred for life from some of the horrific sites of a lot of humans living worse quality lives than animals get to live in Western culture. In places like Mumbai you'll come across a section of the population who are rich and well off, but then you come across a large section of the population who struggle to get by and you'll see a lot of severely malnourished people, severely malnourished animals, animal having to eat plastic bags of rubbish for food due to lack of food resources, the style of shelter a lot of people have, everything about the country has some effect on you. It makes you wish you could do a lot to help these poor people living lifes like they do on the streets of Mumbai and other places in India, but with the sheer numbers of people in need in India it simply isn't possible for one tourist to make hardly any difference. In general the whole of Asia is a good place for a cultural experience, but India is way harder emotionally than anywhere else.

You mention you are 26 and getting on, well I am 26 as well and I sure ain't getting on I am just at the beginning of my lifes adventures. After two RTW trips covering 48 countries I have still got a lot more adventure planned and as long as I am not in a wheel chair as a paraplegic or a quadraplegic, I will continue to save as much money as possible everywhere I can to fulfil my dreams of travelling to every country in the world before I die.

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thanx alot ppl
harrold only reason i ment geting on is cos ive kinda sat wasting my life doing nothing and if i dont go now i not think i ever will lol