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1. Posted by biyahero (Budding Member 7 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Here is a rough idea of my itinerary.

Any critiques?

My biggest problem is finding an efficient way to get from Munich to Venice. I'm planning to get a Eurail SelectPass Youth. (8 + 1 Travel Days for 4 neighboring countries ~$350).

As much as possible, I would like to get from Munich to Venice directly in order to save a travel stop, an additional country (Switzerland), and more days in other cities. Is it worth getting the additional country (+$50) to stop in Zurich to bridge between Munich and Venice? I do want to see the Swiss Alps, but I don't think I'll have enough time in a day and a half to get some good sightseeing in.

I purposely left the middle of the itinerary open for suggestions.


May 19 – Arrive Brussels Afternoon
May 20 – 21 Brussels
May 22 – Depart Brussels Early Morning
Arrive Amsterdam Morning
May 23 – Amsterdam
May 24 – Amsterdam
Late Overnight to Berlin
May 25 – Arrive Berlin Early Morning
May 26 – 28 - Berlin
May 29 – Berlin → Munich Early Train, Arrive Afternoon in Munich
May 30 – Munich
May 31 – Munich – Day Trip to Bavarian Alps?? Advice to get to Alps from Munich????
June 1 – Munich

June 2 –3 ??????

June 4 – 5 Venice
June 6 – Venice → Florence
Early Train to Florence
June 7 – 8 Florence
June 9 – Florence → Rome
Early Train to Rome
June 10 - 12 Rome
June 13 – Rome
Overnight to Paris
June 14 – Arrive Paris Afternoon
June 15 – 18 Paris

June 19 – Depart for America

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2. Posted by Mel. (Travel Guru 4567 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hello Eddieg

I live in Munich
Getting from Munich to Venice.
There are often special offer train rides to Venice.
I forget how much the train special offers cost. But u can get a train, directly to Venice from Munich. I think they cost around 30 or 40 Euros one way
However, to get the best special offers, book tickets, on the internet as far in advance as possible. I usually book them 3 months in advance.

Link for trains
U can change it to English.

U can also try this link. It is for the night trains. They often have good offers, at night. U can also change this one, to English


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3. Posted by coldwarspy (Travel Guru 1108 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hey there Eddie
First id suggest be a bit more flexible and dont try to overextend urself. Many travellers try this especially from America, cuz I know it so far for us, - your journey is covering alot and ur missing some of the best parts of Germany (Hiedelberg and surrounding countryside) and Italy

And you should give yourself atleast 5-6 days in Berlin! its one of the greatest cities in the world and you only have 2-3 days there.

And in Italy (mainly Tuscany) there are great towns like Areezo to see, where you wont find 1million american and asian tourists pushing u around to see musuems and canals.

and u need a few more days in Paris, really. Use those 2-3 extra days to spend relaxing in Germany in the Alps.

Your Itin is not bad but just be a bit flexi, you will meet other travellers or locals and may want to deviate a bit with them.

Hope this helps.

4. Posted by Mel. (Travel Guru 4567 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

U have quite a packed itenery.
Maybe, a long stay, in Venice will be exactly what u need, to relax, in the middle of the trip. I think, if it was me, I would skip Zurich. Venice is a beautiful place to hang out and rest.


5. Posted by biyahero (Budding Member 7 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Maybe I wasn't too clear on my last itinerary, and will give a better idea to you travel gurus :-). This is just something I propped up. I know it looks structured, but I purposely did that to get input on what other travel experts think. Of course the key is to be flexible and subtract a day or two and add it someplace else.
Would it be worth cutting out Benelux all together? (But aren't Brussels and Belgium supposed to be "must see" cities?)

Brussels - 2.5 Days
Amsterdam (via morning train) - 3 Days
Berlin (via late overnight train) - 4 Days
Munich (via morning train) - 3.5 Days (1 Day in the Bavarian Alps?)

(Berlin/Munich is flexible)

??? to get to Italy, 2 Days in Zurich? More time in Italy/Germany?
(I would really like to get a chance to see a beautiful stretch of the alps)

Venice (via overnight train) - 2 Days
Florence (via morning train) - 3 Days
Rome (via morning train) - 5 Days
Paris (via overnight train) - 4.5 Days

Hope this gives a better idea for a critique.

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6. Posted by biyahero (Budding Member 7 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I know this is still going to change, but since I'm just a little OCD about planning this trip, I'm going to post yet another revised version of my itinerary.

May ?? - Arrive in France [Josh and Jeff]
?? City/Village/Town relatively near to Paris ??

May 19 – Arrive Paris [Eddie (me)]
Young and Happy Hostel (in the Latin Quarter]
May 20 – Paris
May 21 – Paris
May 22 – Paris
May 23 – Paris
May 24 – Train to Bruges
St. Christopher’s Bauhaus Hostel
May 25 – Bruges
Late Overnight to Berlin
May 26 – Arrive Berlin Early Morning
Meninger hostel
May 27 – Berlin
May 28 – Berlin
May 29 – Berlin
Overnight to Interlaken
May 30 – Gimmelwald, Switzerland
Arrive afternoon
Mountain Hostel
May 31 – Gimmelwald
June 1 – Gimmelwald
June 2 – Interlaken → Cinque Terre
Day Train
June 3 – Cinque Terre, Italy
Ostello Cinque Terre (Manarola) or Mar-Mar (Riomaggiore)
June 4 – Cinque Terre
June 5 – Cinque Terre
June 6 –Rome
Early Train to Rome
Hostel Alessandro Downtown
June 7 – Rome
June 8 – Rome
June 9 – Rome, [Depart Josh]
June 10 – Rome

June 11 – Siena
June 12 – Monteriggioni
June 13 – Monteriggioni
June 14 – Florence
June 15 – Florence
June 16 – Florence
June 17 – Depart for America

Jeff and Josh have a week head start over me, so their best bet may be to do some other places in France. Any suggestions? (Close to Paris, cheap and non-touristy would be better)

Since Josh now has to leave even earlier, I bumped up France and left the Tuscan cities out (and Venice for that matter), so he can at least get 3 days of Rome in. Jeff and Josh will hit another spot before meeting up with me in Paris.

After Rome, there's a chance that Jeff and I might split up.

I may get assigned to Monteriggioni to do a European Village Project through my school. If I get selected, I get two free days in a Tuscan medieval walled city! Plus, I will be able to hit Florence and Siena, two cities I would like to see, and two cities I definitely feel like I could do by myself (who wants to be bothered and rushed looking at art anyway?). The round trip train from Rome to Tuscany would likely be paid for by the school. So everyone please keep your fingers crossed for me!

So obviously no Amsterdam or Munich, but we would like to do the cities we visit some justice. Still no Venice, but I'm under the impression it would feel as one of the most touristy out of all the cities we picked. And I left the cities which I can do independently for the end, so if Jeff wants out it's no big deal.

How does this version of the plan sound?