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now I've never traveled to Europe, only countries in Asia where the dollor is very strong so finding the trip hasn't been such a big deal, now I'm in the planning phase of a trip to europe hopefully this coming summer, from what I understand the euro is sttonger than the US dollor so to make a long story short I plan on staying in Europe for 3-4 months and using the rail system to travel around and staying in low cost hotels or hostels, what I really am wondering is how much money should I be setting as a target to set aside for this trip . any help much appreciated.


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Hello Hawaiinate

I think 30 to 50 Euros per day. This includes a hostel bed, food from supermarkets, a couple of coffees in a cafe and city transport. It does not include intercity transport. 30 per day would be a very tight budget. 50 is much more comfortable.


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alright, thanks for the info, I didn't realize how much stronger the Euro is than the dollar.

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Bear in mind, that I am telling what I would need to spend, per day. Research well, to make sure u know how much money would cover all your needs.


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For Europe, I Like to buget 50 Euro a day in addition to my hotel/hostel.

I usually have money left over after to trip. (Which goes to the credit card purcheses I've racked up in europe :P)

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hawaiinate, it really depends on what you want do while travelling.

If you are purely seeing the sights then these budgets are fine, But if you want to party (considering your nearly 18 you probably will) then you will spend a hell of a lot more! A night out on the town in Europe will cost you well over 100 euros.

Don't forget the added extras also, a group of my friends were going skydiving from a helicopter in Switzerland, the last thing I wanted to do was sit on the ground and wait for them to come back with their stories, so I forked out the 200 euros to do it. It would have been more sensible to save my money, but these adventures are the things you remember.

Point is, you will always spend more than you budget so work out a sensible budget - then double it (or extend the limit on your credit card).

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The thing is not so much that the dollar is weak or strong, it is just that unlike Southeast Asia Europe is the most expensive area in the whole world to travel in. The only places comparable in cost are probably Japan and the Pazific Islands.

I estimate your costs for a flight ticket to Europe to be around 1700 USD. As a rule of thumb, you can budget 70 USD per day. That is 6300 USD in three months, so you are looking at 8000 USD minimum.

To give you an idea for costs per day in Western Europe:

20-25 EUR per night in a hostel, big dorm
5-10 EUR for food and other essentials if you cook yourself at the hostel / shop at the supermarket.
5 EUR for local transport
10-20 EUR for sights and activities (entry to museums, sights, seeing a movie, taking a guided tour around the town, etc.)

Just adding this together, you are already near the 70 USD per day. Then you need money for getting around from one city to the other.

Looks like you need to save a lot of money!

The only way to drastically reduce the costs is by staying for longer in one place, ie to rent a room for a month in a shared appartment during semester breaks. In my home city you can get such a place for 200 EUR a month. This would reduce your accomodation costs from 20 EUR per night to 7 EUR per night for a whole month!

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I could not agree more with t_maia. North Western Europe is a price place to stay!!! You can, however also stretch your budget by going to Eastern Europe and visit countries like Poland, Hungaria, Ukrain, Russia, Bulgaria, the Western Balkans etc. Here your money will last much longer than in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, Spain, Italy or England eg. I have traveled several times in Eastern Europe and have loved it every time. Obviously, you will miss the Tower of London and the Forum Romanum, but trust me, you will find other ammazing sights!

Nina (Denmark)