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1. Posted by TomTom (Budding Member 22 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Hi everyone,
I've heard it's much cheaper to just get your transsiberian tickets when you arrive in Moscow. The thing is though, I'll be arriving in Moscow May 10th, needing to leave Moscow and start the train journey on May 12th. Is this too short notice to buy my ticket? Is it bound to be fully booked if i leave it that late? I don't want to gamble really, I'm on a tight schedule!

Please help!

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Well I think you answer your own question, it is better to be safe than sorry if all it means is saving a little bit of money and possibly risk missing out. Is it really not at all possible to spend more than just a day and a half in Moscow? It is really a waste of a trip to Russia if you don't see Moscow properly and St Petersburg at least for a few days each and that would be a bare minimum. The visa to Russia is such a pain in the arse to get so it'd be a shame to not actually get to see the two most beautiful places and interesting places in Russia properly.

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Good point, I'll try my best to get more time in those cities. Truth is I know barely anything about what moscow and st petersburg have to offer, ive mailed a few of the travel helpers though for some advise on what to do and see.

cheers for the reply

Any other views on this?

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St Petersburg is such an amazing place. Peterhof/Summer Palace (almost a full day trip), Winter Palace/Hermitage (a full day in itself but if you like art you could easily spend more than a day), Catherine's Palace is a full day trip and is very beautiful especially inside the palace which you'll have to hang around quite a while to get in, it is just simply amazing what is inside it makes you think just how wealthy Peter and Catherine the Great were, because the rooms in all the palaces but particularly at Catherines Palace are more than you'd expect in a palace of Bill Gates or someone with too much money for their own good. Like she had this medium sized marble pyramid outside which was the grave of her dog!!! It also had this one room would have been about 50 metres long and 15 metres wide (roughly) and the whole roof was this one really nice painting and everywhere you were looking it had gold paint and gold spectactular edging around things along with many other really good paintings that were perfect in every detail. At Peterhof, the cascade of water fountains out the front of the Palace (front if you go by hydrafoil) is probably the most spectacular water fountain display you'll ever see anywhere in the world. The Admiralty is nice to look at. If you are there in May, that is also when canal boat trips start which are a nice way to see the city. You have so many things to see and do in and around St Petersburg that it would be quite possible to spend 2 weeks there and still not see everything at a leasurely pace. I was in St Petersberg for 1 week and I felt that by the last day when I had to leave, I had just seen enough to be able to recommend things to see and do around St Petersburg.

Moscow is less amazing than St Petersburg, but I still spent 5 days there and didn't run out of things to keep me occupied every day. You have the obvious places to visit like like the Kremlin, Red Square (watch out for the police that'll ask to check your passport and try and get a bribe off of you), St Basils Cathedral, Lenin Mausoleum but then you have the All Russia Exhibition Centre (near VDNKH train station) which is very beautiful around the whole area. In Moscow even the metro is a tourist attraction in itself with the nicely decorated stations that are more like a piece of artwork or in some cases a long narrow palace, than a train station! Those are just some of the things in Moscow that are worth seeing but not everything that is worth seeing.

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