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I'm travelling out to Vancouver next week and am so excited about going.

I was wondering if anyone would be able to tell me anything about age limits ect in night clubs and bars in Vancouver and other parts of BC?

I realise the drinking age is 19, but does this vary in bars and clubs for entry?

I worry because even though I am 20, my boyfriend who I am visiting there is 24, and it's such a horrible thing to get refused entry!

Also any tips or knowledge on Tofino and Calgary as I am travelling there also?!

Many thanks!!

Rachael x

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Hi Rachael,

I don't know how much this is or isn't going to help, but when I was in college here in the states my friends and I would drive up to Nelson B.C. on weekends and such.

We never had a problem getting into a pub or anything. It was rare enough that we were even carded. I don't remember for sure if we ever were carded, but I know we weren't ever denied entry to a place because of it. That was about 6 years ago, but my guess is that you won't have a problem being allowed into places over there.

btw... at the time my friends and I were all 18 - 20, college freshman and sophmores.

Have a great trip.

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Hey Rachael!

To add to what Ian said, clubs and pubs in Canada won't refuse you if you are over the legal drinking age. There are some clubs that claim to be 21 and over but they usually try to do that so they won't get too many rowdy teenagers in and get the reputation of being somewhere that "beginner" clubbers go. Exclusive clubs like these usually want the people with the big bucks coming in, which means an older crowd, and tends to be a problem in Quebec where the legal drinking age is 18. My advice would be to dress nicely, and you won't face any problems. But that's just for the exclusive, hip clubs. For any other places like pubs or regular clubs, don't worry about it! Most of all, have fun!