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Hi all!
I'm 19 yrs old, male, russian, looking for job vacancy of any kind in USA.

For the past two years I lived and studied in UK so there won't be any problems with my english.

I'm kind of on gap year now, so I do have a lot of free time, which I want to be used to improve my CV and to earn money ofcourse.

I was surfing the web, looking for something like "job in USA", "work and study programs USA", "work for international students USA" and I emailed to several companies which assist in getting working visa in USA, work permits, etc, however I didn't get any answer yet.

I heard a lot of stories from my friends, saying that someone successfully worked in USA during their gap year and that it wasn't very hard to get everything sorted.

I would like to ask you to provide me with any help on this topic. Maybe you know some websites with useful information on this topic, or you know any international recruitment agencies, or maybe you even need an ambitious worker? ;)

Thank you.

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Your best chance is probably to get an internship. Lots of companies hire college students during the summer (mostly people about your age) so that the student can learn about the company and consider a full-time job in the future with the company. Obviously, without any college it would be harder (but not impossible) to get one of these jobs. My son is your age and will be looking for one of these himself this summer, so don't take his job (just kidding).

Anyway, look under the category of "internships"--especially ones listed through a college website. Pick a college somewhere close to where you want to work, since they will have the local employers advertising there.

Good luck.

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a good resource for u.s. jobs is; you can search for jobs an any city and get contact info where you can then ask them about work visas ect. As far as the internships go they usually don't pay and if they do its not of significant value. An internship is usually for a college student who would like to get experience in their field to line up a job for when the student graduates.

Also i know four seasons caters to international workers for we have tons of people from France, Hungary, Poland, Mexico ect working there.

Just do some research get that work visa settled and you should be fine.


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I can think of one option. You might want to try a summer position at a youth hostel in cities like Boston, New York, Washington D.C., Chicago etc. Check out and look at potential opportunities here. I hope this helps.


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Thanks a lot everybody! I hope this information will help me ;)