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Which country are u currently living in, Itenerant?

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Im living in Singapore now, but will perhaps move overseas after i have completed my education...

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Hello Smythy

I did not get that mortgage loan, for my appartment, until I was 29.
Maybe u will also be in a position to buy one, by the time u are 29.
At 23, I was on the verge of dropping out of university, with no career in sight. So there is plenty of hope, for u.

There's still hope for Ed? Wow! I thought he was beyond saving

Do u ever consider what u will do, when u are older, and free of responsibilities, of work, children etc.

Personally, i haven't stated even considering the possibilities of responsibilities, mortgages, work and children, and don't have it in my plans to do so. I do however periodically ponder "the future" ina grand sense, but without having any dreams/specific goals (my living long enough is unlikely enough for me to have to actually worry about it too much)

Will u move to an exotic location, or wil u live in your own country?

I have no intention of ever moving back to or living in the UK ever again, although i'm aware that as time passes my ideas may change, and at some point I may have that sudden craving for Uk living again. What is exotic? I kind of know what you mean, but I don't have (or want to have) that kind of plan for the future. Just see what happens and where I end up.