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I will be arriving in Sydney on the 5th of march, staying at Wake Up. I will be setting up a bank account, and Tax File Number. I was just wondering how long does this usually take to process and is there anything that I will need to provide. I know I need 2 pieces of ID, but is there anything else? Do I need a residence address to fill out the forums? How do I go abouts doing this.


- Bryce

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You only need a passport to open a bank account during the first two weeks (?) after arriving in Australia. After that you need a passport and two additional pieces of ID (iirc), where (again iirc) an overseas drivers license doesn't count, but utility bills do, basically making it only possible for a local to open an account.
You can use the bank account immediately after opening it, and get your debit card per mail (have it sent to your hostel, or poste restante) after five working days or somesuch.

I think the Tax File Number took just under two weeks for me to arrive, but it might've been less.

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Hi RObotic,

Here in NZ, its a similar set up. The hostel I stayed in had a service where they provided you with a letter stating taht you were staying at the hostel and an application form for your IRD number.

You then took this letter with you to the bank and together with your passport that was enough to open a bank account.

Hope that helps,

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Awesome, thanks a lot.