Anyone in their early 30s travelled alone before?

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1. Posted by Razor (First Time Poster 1 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

I'm 35, have always wanted to visit Australia and have decided to take a short sabbatical from work and do it before its too late. Only problem is that for my friends it is too late! Has anyone got any similar experiences of travelling alone? I've never travelled alone before and it is a quite daunting prospect, so I would be very interested to hear your stories and advice. I'm looking to travel anytime within the next 3 weeks.

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It's a scary thought travelling alone I admit but choose the place carefully and you could end up having a great time. I've done it twice - not sure what your situation is but all my friends were coupled up and so being still single does rather leave you out in cold when holidays come around. OK the first time I arrived in Greece - malia - my nerves set in when I touched the ground on the other side - at which point I thought what the hell am I doing here!...but it made me more adventurous -i got out there and talked to people and within a short while I had made loads of friends and wasn't at all alone. on my return i was so glad I'd done it and it gave me heaps of confidence. Last year i did the same but this time I booked a cowgirl week with Ranch Rider - this was a womens only group so a little easier than the first - as well as a few new tricks including roping a horse I came back feeling great and with a whole host of new friends from my travels. i would say do it - then once you've done it you'll realise what a great time you had and wonder what all the fuss was about

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Hello Razor,

Last year, just before reaching my 35th birthday, I travelled alone to Europe for one month. It had always been my dream to go there and I felt it was then or never. Like you, I didn't want to wait until it was too late or until I found a friend who wanted to visit exactly the same places I chose: Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, London, Graz and Vienna. But as a woman, I also wondered if it was ok to travel alone.
But I did it. Nobody to wait for me at airports, no one to help me carry my luggage or make reservations. I did visit a couple of friends, but they were not aware of my travelling there. A lot of people got surprised when I told them I was travelling alone and I was so proud of myself.
Of course at times I did feel like having someone to talk to or have a laugh with or someone to ask to take a picture of myself. But you manage with that. I didn't make lots of friends, but nice ones and missed night life (I was rather shy to go clubbing alone) but it was great after all.
Bad moments (I missed the bus and train and some guys pestered me) are just part of the experience. Sometimes I felt I was too cautious, but that helped me feeling safe, and if you ask me now if I would do it again, I would say yes. Like Debbie, I also feel more confident now and happy because I needed no one else to make my long wish come true.
Have a happy trip!