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I am travelling around Croatia ending up in Dubrovnik(Croatia). I was wandering if there was any route to continue the journey to tirane(Albania) (without flying or backtraking prefably). Has anyone attempted this before?

Any information would be appreciated
Thanks miika

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I haven't done this or even looked into this. How about finding going to Montenegro from Dubrovnik and then seeing if there are busses from Montenegro.. It's supposed to be beautiful. Montenegro is an easy bus ride from Dubrovnik.

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i wouldnt goto albania even if i was paid millions and millions of dollars. i value my life too much :)

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It would be the easiest if you could fly with BelleAir from Triƫste. I don't know the rest of your trip. From Istria, you could reach Trieste very easy.

(www.bahn.de, is pretending not to know Dubrovnik or Tirana )

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(www.bahn.de, is pretending not to know Dubrovnik or Tirana )

That's because the nearest station to Dubrovnik is Ploce, 2hours or so North, and whilst there is a small rail system in Albania, the only line out of the country has been closed for over 30years. Thus there are no international travel/connections, and no need for it to appear on the DB site. There is peridic talk that a Plovdiv - Skopje - Tirane line will be built/reopened (in different places) and Albania will join the European network, but that will take at least 5 or 10 years to come to fruition.

Logically, you should be able to do it via a bus to Bar or possibly Podgorica in Montenegro, and then connect onwards (possibly changing at the border again) but I've never done this. Both times i've gone from Dubrovnik to Montenegro, i've had my own transport. The last time i was in Dubrovnik was June 05, and I vaguely remember being surprised that there didn't seem to be any buses south to Montengero mentioned on publicity. HOWEVER, the bus station actually moved in the 3 days I was there, and things weren't properly set up at either end (and as i wasn't going south, i didn't ask).

One (slightly silly) way of doing it is to get the ferry to Italy, then get another back across to Albania (to Durres or Vlore), all of which run periodically, and continue from there to Tirane.

i wouldnt goto albania even if i was paid millions and millions of dollars. i value my life too much

Providing you go in with some idea of what to expect, don't do anything stupid, and avoid certain rural areas (and aren't involved in the wrong business...), Albania is as safe as any other European country, with really friendly people and a great and generally unexplored place to visit. I've been there 4 times, and really enjoy it there.

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Hey there.
First of all, let me say that it is NO more dangerous to go to Albania than any other country! The Albanians are extremely hospitable people, and consider it an honour to treat guests as well as they possibly can, so, please, rbrettg, do not spread unsubstantiated rumours about entire peoples like that. It is not fair! You may be mistaking Albania for Kosovo, but that is a whole different country and a whole different story.

I went to Tirana last summer via Podgorica in Montenegro. There are no busses and no train...so we took a cab to the border, walked across the border (remember to bring 10 Euro. Europeans and US citizens have to pay to get in, and also to get out!), took another cab on the other side to Shkodra, and from there, a bus to Tirana. The cabs are expensive compared to the over all pricelevel (I think we paid about 20 euro per cab), but it is a fast way to get there. If you have a chance, go from Tirana by bus to Ohrid in Macedonia. It is a long bus ride, but it is well worth it... The bus leaves most days at 20.00 from the bus station next to the train station. You buy tickets at the travel agent in the mall across the street. People are happy to help if you look lost.

By the way, if you shake your head in Albania it means yes, and if you nod, it means no. It is very confusing, but good to know. Enjoy your stay;-)

Nina (Denmark)

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I wanted to know why retbret, wouldn't go to albania even if he was paid millions, what albanians has done to you?