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My parents are buying me a new digital camera for my 21st birthday next weekend. Im heading off on a rtw trip in september for 12 months taking in china, indochina, thailand, new zealand and south america.

My main concern is whether ill be fine with a camera requiring recharable lithium batteries or to go for an aa based camera. Any suggestions or experinces?

Im looking at the Pansonic dmc-lz5 if aa's are what i choose, and the dmc-fx-01 or pentax optio a20 if i go for lithium rechargables. Any other recommendations are much appreciated.

Thanks for any help

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Rechargeable batteries are much better on the budget and last longer, but be careful of the voltage differences in other countries. Many use 240 instead of the 110 we use here so be sure you have a charger that can handle 240. Buy a couple of extra rechargeable batteries also.


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Thanks for your reply. I was looking at getting at least one spare battery, im now thinking of a second spare.

Would a travel adaptor with voltage convertor be ok such as be ok instead to make sure im ok with charging?


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Rechargable are also much better for the environment.
I travel with one spare and a travel adaptor and haven't had a problem ... YET

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I have a Nikon with a rechargable battery. I have tralleved to different countries and all I bring is a converter. Just remember to charge it! I love having it and the battery does last a long time.

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RECHARGEABLES!! no question!

i work at a camera shop and i cant even tell you how many times people come in and complain because they 'missed the shot' because their batteries died!

Get three sets of rechargeables..especially if youre going to be taking a LOT of pics..keep one set in your camera...and two in your bag or pocket that are fully charged...that way if u run out you still have spares left...

trust me, you will run out of juice right at that moment when you need the photo! lol

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I'll just go postal on this topic, and suggest rechargable AA batteries. That would be the perfect combination!

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rechargeable! for sure!
but few things to remember
1) make sure the charger can handle range from 100 to 240 (most of them do, since they are using switching power supply inside for the light weight)
2) get few extra battery (one extra at least! and if you going to China, most likely you can find OEM battery for cheaper price, meaning they are made by the same manufacturer, just didn't brand it as "canon" or "nikon" or whatever. oH oh! make sure you bargain with them too!)
3) check what kind of power plug they use in the country you visit! i did found a few good site from google before, with pictures. Get the approperiate "plug adapter" something like this would be perfect!

rechargable AA is good, except the charger are tends to be bigger. and more piece to carry. plus most camera nowadays are using Li-ion anyway!

also on the side note, Li-ion battery don't like extreme heat, read this

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I would go for rechargeable AA. There is the advantage that in an emergency, if you do have any problems with rechargeable batteries or charger, disposable AAs are available just about anywhere in the world.