Two women taking on southeast Asia . . . help!

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Firstly of all id like to say what a great site this is! loads of helpfull info.

Me and my friend both 19 want to go on a trip of a lifetime traveling through india, thailand, cambodia, malaysia and maybe sri lanka. we are both on a strict budget. and are hoping to squeeze it into 3-4 months. is there any places that you would sugest we visit any particular route that would be interesting. we want to fly to delhi in india then make our way down to malaysia. rather then fly our way through asia would anyone sugest any train route? or bus route?
we would also both like to do some volunteering work with animal conservation over there. also can anyone suggest and hostels? we are in the planning stage and want to get a rough idea of a plan before we book it. any advice or suggestions would be greatly apreciated,


kylie x

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Hello Koolkaz

I would suggest u get a couple of good travel books. They cost 25 Euros each, but in my opinion, they are money well spent, for the information they give, about safety, health, transport, accomodation, food and money etc etc.
I think 2 books will cover your needs. One for India, and one for South East Asia. I suggest one of the following books. They are available in most book shops, around the world.
Lonely Planet
On a Shoestring
Lets Go
Rough Guide


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I would suggest to start in Thailand, do the Indo-china loop (Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos), then head to India. Fitting in any more into your time frame will probably mean you won't be able to relax as you'll always be on the go. I'd suggest 3 weeks Thailand, 1 week Cambodia, 2.5 weeks Vietnam, 1.5 weeks Laos and 4-6 weeks in India/Sri Lanka. I did Bangkok-south Thailand-central Thailand-North Thailand-Cambodia-Siam Reap-Phnom Penh-Sihanoukville-PP-Vietnam-Saigon up to Hanoi stopping off in various places-Vietienne-Luang Pra Bang-Vang Vieng-Vietienne-Bangkok. All overland and all buses except between bkk and Chiang Mai for which I got a sleeper train. I personally wouldn't recommend going straight to Delhi if this is your first travelling trip. It is a big culture shock.

Buses are fine between countries in SE Asia if you stick to the mainland. They are very cheap and you can often travel overnight, saving yourselves a guesthouse night. As for flying, stick to cheap airlines (Air Asia, Air India, Bangladeshi Airlines...)

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thanks for the info to both of you. the girl im travelling with has loads of travelling books. we were looking at doing Borneo aswell. we think we will start at bangkok.


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If you don't have the books you need, there are plenty of cheap, used travel books on Khao San Road in BKK.