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1. Posted by kewa (Budding Member 6 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

Good idea or bad? i think it's functioning, but i'm not too sure about the restrictions and such. My girl friends and i are planning on flying to Buenos Aires, buying a car and driving around the Southern/Western half of SA. Comments, tips are much appreciated

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Is it a 4x4? If it isn't, it won't do you any good off the odd hard-paved highway. Plus there is this thing about foreigners owning cars and insurance; I don't recall, but there was a catch. Maybe someone else knows?


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buying a car in south america is no problem and crossing borders are easy (and free). Buying in Argentina can sometimes cause problems as they don´t want you to leave the country with the vehicle.(especially when crossing the Mendoza-Santiago border they can be difficult)
This is not the case when you buy a (e.g.)paraguayan or chilean vehicle. Buying in Brazil is a bit more complicated as you need a CPF (= social security number)
Or buying from another traveller is an option (we have a Landcruiser for sale,in Brazil, with dutch plates....)but than you have to sell it to another traveller afterwards ofcourse if you want to avoid importing it somewhere (and paying importtax + hassle). Also with european cars there is no problem at borders. You get everywhere a temporary importpermit, no costs at all.
As for insurance, yes it is compulsary. In Argentina you can get one in every mayor town (i.e. also foreigners),about 100 euros for 6 months, valid throughout south america but I advise you not to buy one in Buenos Aires as it is more expensive there then somewhere in a quiet country town where the risks are a lot less for the insuring comp.

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Thanks! brilliant info, i was starting to get nervous about our plans thinking it was complete b.s but now it doesn't seem impossible! All i need to sort out is the purchasing of insurance (which seems a tad expensive, but i guess we'd save by not travelling bus/air). Any knowledge about the safety of driving? (Mind you we're 18 year old girls {or will be when the trip starts}, but one of us is from Buenos Aires)

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100 euro x half year for an insurance is not that expensive I think, but shop around as prices vary. This insurance is the compulsory one and only covers personal damage to a third party. No material damage is included, therefor you would need a more expensive one, no idea how much that is costing.
Safety of driving around in south america depends a lot where and above all whó is driving... I have done some 100.000 kms in all the years all over SA and knockknockknock never had an accident. First, in most places there is not much traffic nor people so the risk of hitting one there is very low. But driving around e.g. Sao PAulo is another pair of shoes eh... And brazilian drivers (like colombian) seem to have a great heart for Formula I, and that shows on the road as well....