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I am planning a trip to europe but on the way over we are considering stopping off in Los Angeles for about 4 days. I am just wondering, since the legal drinking age is 21, what teenagers get up to at night over there - as we are all 19.

Also what are some good things to do during the day while we are there in mid May. Beaches etc?

thanks a lot

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I don't know of any clubs for 19 year olds in L.A. You may want to check out a live music venue. You can always pick up an LA weekly when you get into town to see what is going on.

As far as beaches, I would go to Malibu, Venice, or Santa Monica for the LA thing, but really Orange County has the better beaches. LA beaches are better for people watching, but for the beach head south about 45 minutes to Huntington, Newport, or Laguna Beach. Also a car is almost a must in So. Cal. The public transportation sucks and cabs are expensive. That being said you usually have to be 25 to rent a car in the US.

If you have any other questions contact me.


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LA isnt worth your time unless you feel you life is some how more complete seeing the hollywood sign with your own eyes ;)

the public transports a joke, the traffics just as bad and generally overrated.

I'd recomend Sanfrancisco over LA anytime.

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LA Weekly is the best shot for nightlife under 21.

What do you like to do during the day? There is a lot of stuff. Beaches are nice, but there are museums, cool shops, and expensive shopping areas(I wouldn't recommend this unless you really want to spend money)

Definitely the beaches would be good. The LA Metro or MTA (mass transit authority) has been improving and you can get around just fine on the bus. But truly, to get out into greater Los Angeles, you would need a car. Taxis shouldn't even be an option.

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Underage drinking is pretty hard, not like in Australia or the UK.
My advice, hit somewhere low key, or not 'typical nite club style'. Hit a shithole, not so obvious a shithole, bit more low key.

Maybe more of a nite out than a piss up! Try the laugh factory, unreal nite and I've never been carded....mind you I'm an old fart...but you could be 50 in LA and still get carded every time.
There is also a shithole (boring) casino on Century Blvd (I think??) you shouldn't have a problem there.

You shouldn't have a problem gettin alcohol at any of the convenience stores....especially around Pacific Hwy (Venice). Venice and Santa Monica are good to hang out at. Santa Monica is rad. You could also try Hooters for lunch....it's hit and miss, but you might get away with it.
If you go 2hrs south to Mexico you can do what ever the fu&^^ you want ...including donkey shows!!!

Whatever you do....hope its a memorable experience