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hi i was wondering if any of you fellow backpackers could advise me how i would find a job, have registered with 1 agency but there jobs are quite slack, am currently in the Gold Coast area and will be moving down to sydney mid july. I have 7 years of hospitality experience but just dont know where to look.

please help

thanx kirst

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Hi Kirst Ann, if coming down to Sydney (or indeed if you are already here!), try either (which is part of the Fairfax empire), or their newspaper version of same, the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) which is on sale for $1.20 weekdays, $2.20 on Saturday.

They (i.e. the SMH) have advertisements and supplements throughout the week, but generally speaking the Wednesday and Saturday editions have the most extensive "jobs vacant" columns.

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Hi there, you should try logging on to It's free to register and practically all of the jobs on there are suitable for people on the working holiday visa (ie up to 3 months work). You can apply for jobs online and if you are suitable, you're called in for interview.


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hey there this is me 2 and a half years ago,
i just wanted to say to all you guys that i made it, i travelled around oz on my own made a bunch of friends and was not all that scary after the first couple of weeks. I stumbled across money troubles but thank god i landed on my feet. I just want to say that if it is what you want to do, don't let any thing stop you and if you need any help at all just post message here.

also planning my next trip round new zealand so any ideas on where to start and what websites i could look on would be of great help, i am back to the nervous stage but know that i can do it!

cheers guys

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From my experience it's best to turn up at places like the ones you've worked with a resume in your hand and ask to see the manager. I've been told by an employment agency that cold canvassing (ie, going door-to-door asking) is a very good way of getting a job, cause there are so many jobs out there that are snapped up before they get a chance to be advertised, and cause there's less competition.

Register with as many agencies as possible (may as well since they're usually free). With your amount of experience it might also help to see if you can speak to someone at the agency. I don't know if all agencies work like Employment Plus, but there, they knew a lot of the employers in the local area and could put in a good word for you if they knew you were a good candidate with skills and experience.

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Yah, door to door is the best way to do it, even if you see a job advertised, try and track down an address and go in person rather than calling or sending an app through the mail.

Forget the job agencies, they are amazingly slow and unhelpful. They seem keen when you sign up, but don't work nearly as well as doing it yourself.

I was in contact with multiple agencies before going to cairns, arrived, went to see them, 4 weeks later, nothing. First place i walked into after giving up hope of getting work through the agencies had me start that day.