is my plan good?

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My wife and I are going on a tour which includes Israel and Jordan next Fall.

My strategy for getting home with a bunch of photos is as follows. I'd appreciate comments or suggestions if anyone who's "been there done that" spots any obvious flaws:

A. We will both have small, point and shoot digi cams, with memory cards.

B. A couple extra memory cards, each

C. A card reader and USB cables

D. A laptop pc to use each nite for storage and transfer of images.

E. An external USB hard drive for additional photo storage capacity

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dont bother with a external hard drive. your laptop if its not from 1990 should have lots of space. eg my laptop has 120gig. but if your like me that has a tonne of music, videos, movies etc etc then buring on dvd providing your laptop has a dvd burner is a goodie.

external hard drive = no and just extra crap to carry with and worry about. plus they are very sensitive when travelling with. believe you me. i have lost years and years of photos of many travels and special moments, in a lot of cases they cant be recovered. im in the process of paying 1,500 euro to try and get some of the stuff back.

having extra memory cards is beneficial because you cant be expected to switch on the laptop all the time.

2-4gig memory cards = lots of photos!!!

card reader / usb cables? which are you using? no need for usb cables if your laptop has a card reader on it.

yah...your sorted.