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1. Posted by bluebells (Budding Member 5 posts) 11y Star this if you like it!

hey there i am traveling to nz on a workign holiday visa in november 2007 after spending 6 months in australia i am thinkign about workign for 6 months or so in a bar or a ski resort the thing is i need to save up £1000-£1500 in this time to send back home to pay off my loan do u think iwil be able to manage it
what are the cheapest accomadation options can i live in a tent from nov onwards

oh yeah also i am goign to australia in june and i was wonderign is there many places to work cash in hand as i havent got a workign visa because ive alreaddy had one

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Not as many cash jobs around Australia as there once was, you can still find them though, most hostels have backpackers working for them, and some pay cash, be sure to check out the notice boards at the hostels when you get here, they often have adds pinned to them for cash work.

Other than that, check out the newspapers each day, you might get lucky there.

small family run type businesses are more likely to pay cash than a big company.

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Same in NZ. It's quite difficult to find a cash in hand job but they are out there. The money in NZ isnt as good Australia apparently.

I'm on what is considered to be a good annual wage here and I still find it hard to save. There's always the option of working two jobs. :)
Ive had to do that now if i want to be able to travel home.

Rent here in Auckland averages around $120 a week for your own room. Again, you can get lower than that but it depends on what you are looking for I suppose. A lot of people that I have met are living in hostels for the time they are here. There are quite a few hostels that take "long-term" guests. They work out about the same amount a week but includes your bills.

Cost of living here, I feel, is quite high in relation to the pay. But that might be just Auckland. A couple of people that I know worked in Queenstown during ski season and said that you wont save there. Money is enough to pay rent and allow you to indulge in a few adventure sports.

Hope that helps a bit. If you can earn the most of your savings in OZ it would be better I think. The NZ$ is 3:1 GBP

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If you really do need to save while in NZ, I suggest you head to somewhere quiter that still has a bit of a tourist industry so that you can easily be employed in hospitality etc. Avoid Queenstown, its an awesome place but I have lived there short-term before and didn't save a penny!! If you're gonna be in the South Island you could try Te Anau, Franz Joseph/Fox Glacier - quiet areas where you will save cash, or maybe even somewhere like Dunedin where rent is cheap.

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cheers guys but what about living in a tent that must be the cheapest way right if i am there in november will it be too cold to camp ......or will there be any camp sites open
otherwise can i jsut cmap whereever without geting told to leave by the coppers