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Hi there ppl planning my rtw trip and the aim is to end up in the US for a coupla months. Looking to fly into LA and want to fly home form NYC can anyone suggets any routes to take? Really want to go to florida if that helps. Also Whats the deal with buying a car in the states what sort of insurance and price would i be looking at??
My other question is Visa's I know i'm allowed 90 days on a british passport but can this be extended and does it start again if i leave the country n return (say if i go to mexico)??



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Hi Rhys,

You do know of course, that Florida is not on the way to New York, right!!! But that's ok - I just drove across the US - from Washington state to Florida, and I took the longest possible route. There's lots to see in the US and if you want to take first the southern route, then head up the east coast, it will be a nice trip.

A couple of ideas for places you can see along the way: Las Vegas (a must-see), Grand Canyon (a must-see), Santa Fe, San Antonio or Austin (both are long drives from Sante Fe, but Texas is a HUGE state and you have to cross it somehow!), Houston, New Orleans (a must-see), Destin Florida, Jacksonville/St. Augustine, Florida.

From there, I don't know if you want to explore more of Florida, which would be going south, and even more out of your way, or if you want to start heading north. If going north, more ideas of places to see are: Savannah, GA, possibly the beaches of SC, NC and/or VA (But of course this is not the most direct route - it is also not too far out of ht way if you wanted to do it), Washington, DC (a must-see) and finally New York.

After you get your itinerary more worked out, I can help you with more details about these areas.

As for the car - I don't know if you can purchase insurance here if you are not a resident. Check out they are supposed to be among the cheapest in insurance. As for used cars... well there are tons of them out there and it just depends on how much you are willing to spend. You can start your search with (click the link for LA, then find the link for automobiles). On the other hand, you probably don't want to spend all of your vacation searching for a used car. You might try which is supposedly convenient and hassle-free. I can't vouch for this since I have never done it, but I have heard from others that its convenient.

As for the visa - I also don't know the answer to this and I wouldn't want to risk giving false information, since visa requirements can change. You should contact the US embassy in London (I am assuming that is the closest one to you) and ask them your questions. They will give you all the answers you need.

I hope this helps!


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Hi Rhys,

If you head to the Grand Canyon i would also put in a plug for zion, arches, and rocky mountain national parks. This would take you on a northern route from the grand canyon and put you near the Denver area. You could head east from there and you would have to take the epic drive across Texas.

Just a tip about the national parks. If you plan to be there anywhere between mid may and mid september you will run into a lot of tourists. Sooo if you are into backcountry hiking and camping i would suggest planning some overnight trips into the interior of the parks and you will lose the crowds and get to see the best of the park.

One other thing is if you are going to go to NYC take time to travel up to New England its only about six hours by car and there is lots to do in all seasons. If you end up thinking about going to Vermont at all let me know and ill try to help you out as much as possible.

Good luck and good travels