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Hello people

So I'd like to go away for three weeks or a months this summer, in Poland and the baltic countries of possible. I'd fly from Barcelona to Krakow or Warsaw and start from there.

How reliable are polish, lithuanian, latvian and estonian trains? does anybody know about it ?

I really haven't planned anything yet, it's just a place I'd like to go because it's kinda different from what i'm used to. so, anyone have reccomendations on places to visit (in any of these 4 countries) and places to stay during the trip ?

I've never travelled by train before, so I'm not sure what kind of train pass I should get, to cover the whole region. any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


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Hey there
The Polish trains are ok, not the best in the world, but not the worst either... If you buy an interail ticket pay attention to the fact this ticket is NOT valid in the Baltic countries so you will have to buy other tickets...
Krakow is really nice, many things to see and the people are friendly and good night life!From there you can also visit Auschwitz concentration camp, I know it's sad but it is worth going as you'll remember it all your life.

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So this means I'll have to get single tickets to travel between major baltic cities right? Or does anyone know if there is some other kind of train pass I'd be able to buy?

1000 thanks for the reply nicojammes !

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Hi there,
I did the same Poland to Estonia route as you last year and it was fantastic, you're going to love it. I would definately recommend flying into Krakow if you can, i think it's much nicer and much more fun than Warsaw, which i found a bit boring and no where near as pretty.

The train ride from Warsaw to Vilnius isn't bad, the polish and lithuanian trains aren't as good as renfe's, but they're reasonable. Do you have your heart set on travelling by train? I did a lot of travelling in the baltics by bus, as it was much cheaper and they ran a lot more often. For example, during the week, the train from Siauliai (central lithuania) to Riga only ran every second day, though the buses ran 5 times a day.

Things to check out in your trip:
Krakow - the main square and surrounding area, the castle and all the cheap, tasty food.
Lithania - Vilnius - all the old town (it's very large), a day trip to Trakai (bus from Vilnius) is nice, and if you want to check out all the old soviet era statues, go to grutas park near druskinikai. The park is apparently quite infamous amongst the locals, as you could take it as making light of a very dark time. If you've got the time it's very interesting.
Lithuania - The Curonian Spit, a nice beach area just off the west coast. It has some amazing sand dunes walks/bike trails. Stay at Klaipeda and take the ferry there, as to stay on the spit can get expensive in summer. It has some decent bars by the wharf too.
Lithuania - Siauliai has the eerie Hill of Crosses, which was actually smaller than i thought it would be, but it's still interesting and can be done on the way from Klaipeda to Riga.
Riga is great, lots to do and there's always something open, though it is a bit sleazy. Try drinking some of the local spirit; balsam, it tastes horrible by itself, but they mix some good cocktails with it.
Tartu in estonia is really nice, an old uni town with beautiful architecture.
Tallinn is also cool - it looks really medievel, you should spend a day just wandering round the streets and the walls.

Hope that's some help, ask away if you have more questions

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LOL I just sent you a message and realized others had responded with similar info. Another quick tip....Cpt_Smooth mentioned the cheap, but tasty food in Poland. When you are travelling through the country - look for a "Bar Mleczny" which means "Milk Bar". These are cheap places to eat where you will find most locals enjoying a quick hot meal.

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Thank you very much for your help people, I start to have a picture on my head of what it should be like hehe. That's right :D

I really don't mind travelling by train or bus, cheapest choice is my first choice, as long as it's a decent pick ;)

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all those countrys you list all have beautiful looking women!

happy hunting! or i should i say happy picking!

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jesus mate, LOL

well, the women thing always sounded secondary to me...in this trip, i can promise hehe