is travelling some sort of a rite of passage?

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At the beginning I just followed what my parents were doing. It was cool to miss school for a couple of weeks and come back in front of the class to show where have been. When I grew up and realized the chance i had to be travelling around the world, I already had the bug. Travelling has always been something normal for me. I work really hard for two or three years and then bugger off for eight months or a year.

The only thing which has changed between travelling with my parents and my nowdays travels it´s the way i do them. When mummy and daddy were paying I was staying in nice hotel, now I bagpack and travel on buses for hours.

Between the two, the second option is my favourite. Meeting people and new culture. Managing to communicate with someone who doesn´t speak your language. Admiring a kid´s smile because you gave him your pen and couple of sheets of your notepad. That´s what make me love travelling, the places where are go, are not so important and there are definetly not a way to be `cool´.

When you come back from travelling noone wants to listen about your adventures, they can´t understand the feeling of the situations so you have to understand that if you decide to travel, you have to do it because you want to do it and not to flash in front of family and friend.

Sorry I think have been a bit long.