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I'm planning to take a train from Barcelona to Figueres, and then take a bus (or hire a cab? rent a car?) to Cadaques. The next stop on my itinerary is Carcassonne, but I am stumped as to the best way to get there. All the trains (as far as I can see) run through Narbonne, adding several hours to the travelling time. I wanted to rent a car from Barcelona, but the drop-off fee from Spain to France is just too expensive. Does anyone know if there's a direct train or bus that runs between Figueres (or Girona) and Carcassonne? Many thanks.

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As for the Cadaqués got daily buses from Figueres at 11.05, 13.30, 15.30 and 20.15. The other way, Cadaqués to figueres, you have 3 daily buses running at 7.10, 14.25 and 17.00.

About the train thing to Carcassone...there's no direct train. Most of the trains you take from Figueres follow the shoreline to bigger french towns. Same thing from Girona as well.

If you're not in a hurry I'd go by train though, because any other way to get there will be more expensive. I checked for buses between Barcelona, Girona or figueres to Carcassone, but I haven't found any. I'm just up though, so I could be missing something... but I don't think so.

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I think the simple answer is no!

Sorry! In fact, it might be cheaper and easier to hire a car and do a round trip back to Figueres, and get a continuing train on from there, depending on your next destination after Carcassone!

Kirsten Foster

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If I'm not wrong the fastest and cheapest way to go to Carcasonne from Barcelona it would be the train and it always goes Barcelona - Narbonne - Carcassonne. It takes about 5 hours if you are lucky, take the train soon at morning and you will be there at midday. Take a look at this site

But I'm not sure if you can take this train in Cadaqués.

I guess you're doing some kind of touristic route in Cataluña, let me help you.

If you are not flying back to your country from Carcasonne in Girona there is a similar medieval town, less known and smaller but exactly as beautiful as the french one: Besalú.

Cadaqués is a beautiful town (like many other fisher towns at the coast) and its only difference is have being the town where Dalí lived for a long.

Figueres has not only the museum but also the biggest fortress in Europe (Fuerte de San Fernando).

Girona is a wonderful city, one of the cities it has sourprised me more because expecting to find a beautiful city I found one of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen.

There are a lot of towns up there worth to visit: Pals and Monells (Medieval villages), Roses and L'escala are the most important.

If you need more information say it.


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I agree with Elsebas, if you plan to stop in Costa Brava Monells and Pals, at least, are a must. If you check my photo gallery there are 3 or 4 pictures from Monells. It's a tuny town, but well worth a visit, plus the landscape surrounding it is nice. Pals is a lot more touristy, but still amazing.

By the way you can't take that train in Cadaqués, you need to do it in Figueres or Portbou

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Thank you all! Your are all so very helpful with my itinerary! We have decided to rent a car for the day to take us from Barcelona to Figueres, then to Roses, Cadaques, and back again to Figueres, where we'll drop off the car. Then we'll take the evening train to Carcassonne, because we are rather pressed for time. After Carcassonne, we will rent another car and head for Provence. It's kind of more complicated than I would have liked, but it works and it's not too expensive (Those country-to-country drop-off rates are killers!) We would love to tour Catalunya in more depth, but we only have six days for it this time. I'm sure we will come back again and give this country the attention it deserves. Thanks again, everyone!